IMPORTANT: ISRAELI DISINFORMATION: Reports: Israel discussing possible attack on Iran – My Analysis #BS#

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[I'm going to be brief regarding this. In 2008 when I still had Jewish friends I got my first introduction into all the Israeli paranoia regarding Iran. I then published stories about Iran and the nukes … years before it actually got into the mainstream media. My Israeli friend was saying to me that Israel would nuke Iran by 2012 if they did not get help regarding the nukes. By 2012 I began to realise this was nonsense. So let me explain this. This story about the Israelis meeting and having discussions about attacking Iran … THIS STORY IS INTENDED TO PUT PRESSURE ON THE USA AND OTHERS TO COME AND SAVE ISRAEL. This is merely to scare them into thinking Israel will do something. Israel won't dare to attack Iran, except for small scale operations. This is just Jewish nonsense at work. They don't have the courage to truly fight the Iranians on a big scale. Rest assured THIS STORY WAS LEAKED ON PURPOSE. This might be to put pressure on Biden or to pretend to put pressure on him to come and save Israel … for the billionth time. The Jews are forever screeching whenever the "nukes" apparently are going to come online in Iran. It's an old game and the Israelis have been playing this game with the USA for many years now. Then quietly the USA has to come and save Israel from Iran. Jan]

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday met with senior security and army officials to discuss preparations for a possible attack on Iran, local media outlets reported.

Israeli Kan news channel reported that Netanyahu met with Defence Minister Benny Gantz, Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi and officials in the ministries of defence and finance to discuss the possibility of transferring funds from emergency security bases to finance the expected operational plans against Iran.

The meeting comes ahead of the cabinet meeting today which will be convened at the invitation of Netanyahu to discuss "developments related to the Iranian issue".

Local media outlets said the council will discuss "Iran’s raising of uranium enrichment levels, the American warning that Iran might be weeks away from acquiring materials for a nuclear weapon, the possibility of the US administration’s speedy return to the nuclear agreement and the bombing that took place in the vicinity of the Israeli embassy in India, and other Iranian retaliatory attempts."

On Monday, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned that "Iran might be weeks away from possessing nuclear weapon materials" if it continued to violate the nuclear agreement.

Reuters reported Blinken as saying that the United States "is ready to rejoin the nuclear deal if Iran returns".

Last week, the Israeli Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi announced that he had ordered the army to prepare operational plans for a possible attack on Iran this year.



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