How America turned over it’s scientific medical knowledge to Communist China – My Comments


[One factor which is lost on whites, is the incredible value of our science and technology, which, due to pandering to Jewish greed, and other Jewish nonsense and Jewish maliciousness, we hand to the non-white world. The greatest disaster with regard to this is how Jews shipped entire industries from the UK, Europe, the USA and Canada to this communist garbage nation called China. I have, in my own research, been amazed at the incredible science from both North America and Europe, that is handed over to China especially, but also that evil little rat country called Israel, and also to black Africa. It shocks me how much high science we give to our racial enemies. This science needlessly weakens our race. This nonsense needs to stop.

Below is an article from Willis Carto's wife where she tells of her husband's brave battle against Jewish madness and how America's medical science moved to Red China and look at the plight it now puts the USA in.
Below her short article are links to screen shots from an article written decades ago about the dangers of dealing with Red China. Whites need to stop selling our brilliant science to our enemies. And keep the bloody Jews away from everything scientific and technological. Israel and Jews are stealing it directly from the USA and selling it to the enemies of the USA and the West.


div>I am very hopeful that this Corona Virus nonsense will scare and wake up many whites. May this be a good series of nails in the coffin of Jewish globalism, and the beginning of the end of the fake Liberal/Jewish lie of diversity. Its time for the whites to re-take control of the West, BY ANY MEANS! Jan]

Red China

“Let China sleep, when she awakes, the whole world will tremble because of it.” -Napoleon

Until 1979 when President Jimmy Carter broke off relations with the Republic of China (anti-communist Taiwan) the US had staunchly supported our friends in Taiwan, opposing Communist Red China in Peking . Already in 1970, under Nixon, Mr. Kissinger had been busy traveling to Peking secretly rearranging our foreign alliances. We had to drop “Red” from China, it became the Peoples Republic of China for the US or PRC. Taiwan became the Republic of China or ROC. American business saw lucrative trade between Communist Red China and the US. Nixon finally dropped all trade restrictions with them and the race was on. The Chinese would buy a few samples of newly developed US products. They then shipped back to us their copied , manufactured machinery, for example, at reduced prices. This was the beginning of the US financing China trade at the expense of American workers. Our chamber of commerce types were in full support. US factories were eventually built in Red China , the cheap imports eliminated our jobs . That story is now well-known, thanks to Donald Trump.

In 1978 Willis Carto led a tour of good Americans on a fourteen-day trip to the Far East, including Taiwan which had not been totally discarded by us then. He was leading 25 Spotlight readers visiting 5 countries. As the publisher he had established good connections in all five countries and our group was everywhere most kindly received. In a summary he wrote later “Neither China or any other part of the Far East is sleeping today. In the future we will feel the muscles of the East very strongly”. Today the US is purchasing 19.2% of China’s production, without it Walmart would have stayed in Arkansas.

Right now, we are being scared to death with the Coronavirus, courtesy of Peking. We learn that we turned over so much of our own know-how that almost all medications we need are being produced in Red China, even the lowly Aspirin. This is called FREE TRADE which Willis had battled against starting in 1960, organizing the Trade Policy Congress in Washington D.C. The Mason-Bailey bill was introduced in Congress and rallies were held in many parts of the country to stop the sell-out of our industries. Patriotic Americans such as General Robert Wood, then the powerful chairman of Sears Roebuck, supported Willis’ efforts financially. But our valiant leaders saw untold profits, they did not care for the working American. Free Trade became the mantra for greed.

Here is the old article:

The Billion Dollar Secret of Red China Trade

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