FREE BOOK: 1937: Jewish Concentration Camps in the Soviet Union – Huge Jewish Deceptions of 1920s – My Comments


[Here is a very important book that I found among the many my assistant is loading. I'm putting it here because I no longer trust – The Jews are removing things from very quickly.

Just a quick note. The successful Jewish deceptions that FOOLED ALL OF EUROPE & BRITAIN.
From my own lengthy studies of communism, I have one of the most important books written by ex-KGB Anatoliy Golitsyn in 1984. The only book that PREDICTED the collapse of communism. Golitsyn wrote about incredible deceptions that took place in the Soviet Union in the 1920s which PREVENTED the Europeans from DESTROYING Communism in the Soviet Union. All kinds of deceptions took place – some were massive, and most people in the West know nothing about these things. Now that I know more, I'm convinced these were huge JEWISH DECEPTIONS aimed at preventing the West, including Britain, from destroying communism in Russia.
They created fake villages, called Potemkin villages, to fool foreigners. This is much like the huge cities you see in China these days.
I think that ALL BLACK SUCCESS, in the USA And Africa is totally faked. Its a topic I'll return to.

Greife Hermann – Jewish run concentration camps in the Soviet Union.pdf

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