False Hopium: Possible Good News? : Imminent Military Takeover of America 05/13/2021


I have been seeing some news doing the rounds among Americans that there is an imminent military takeover of the USA that is about to go down.

This is a topic I’ve discussed with knowledgeable Americans decades ago, and this cannot take place. So don’t take this nonsense seriously. Here’s why:-

  1. The US Military is not "conditioned" to think like this. They will never do this. This is completely beyond their manner of thinking.

  2. The Jews and Elite have themselves been ensuring that any military officers, especially senior ones, who could be "disloyal" to this evil Jewish Liberal system are themselves removed from the military. Nobody would be more astounded than me if this happens.

  3. In fact, another sign that this cannot happen can be seen from the very blatantly STOLEN PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION OF 2020!!! You have raw, in-your-face firm data that shows the election was totally rigged and stolen in a way that would shame even a Third World nation. Yet, how many of the military, who like Trump, even stood up for him? Apart from that one General, nobody did. If they won’t stand up for BLATANT, RAW election rigging, then what will they stand up for?

The only hope, as always, lies in the mass of Whites standing up and wanting to take the nation back.

I am convinced that Civil War and Race war is coming to almost all Western nations. In the end, Whites will have to stand up for their nations or else everything will be stolen right from under their feet – literally.

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