Exaggerated stories in The Bible

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Population of Israel at the time of the Conquest must have been two to three million (Ex 12:37, Num 1:45-46). They had all descended in about four generations from 70 (or 75) individuals (Ex 6:16-20). But the seven nations in Pales- tine at the time of the conquest were each greater, giving Palestine a population of over 14 million, which is improba- ble (Deut 7:1). Dan had one son (Gen 46:23), but three generations later there are 62,700 Danites of military age (Num 1:39; Num 26:43 gives the number as 64,400). Levi's descendants: three sons, first generation (Gen 46:11, Ex 6:16); eight grandsons, second generation (Ex 6:17-19); eight (or a few more) great-grandsons, third generation. The fourth generation numbers 8580 males (Num 4:34-48). The quail as described in Num 11:31-32 would have covered 780 square miles, three feet deep. The size camp of the Israelites has been estimated as 12 miles across. Each person was required to carry his waste outside the camp, meaning a daily walk of 12 miles for anyone near the center. Moses gathered all the congregation of Israel to the door of the tabernacle (Lev 8:3-4), numbering 600,000 men (Ex 12:37, Num 1:45-46). The courtyard of the tabernacle measured 100 by 50 cubits (about 150 by 75 feet; Ex 27:11-12). Moses spread the word to 2 million people in a single day (Ex 12; compare Josh 8:33-35). Benjamin's 700 warriors could hit a hair with a slingshot (Judg 20:16). Paul says that the Gospel (of Jesus) was preached "to every creature which is under heaven" (Col 1:23).

Source: http://holtz.org/Library/Philosophy/Metaphysics/Theology/Christianity/Criticism/Bible%20Problems%20by%20Packham%201998.htm#NTCONTRA

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