Even the best of the Goyim may be KILLED: Did the Jews set out to KILL Congressman Larry McDonald 1983

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[I was chatting to one of my supporters and others about Congressman Larry MacDonald, who had also been made the 2nd head of the John Birch Society.

What is fascinating about him is that he was openly speaking on Cross Fire on Tv in May 1983, to none other than Pat Buchanan and another fellow, about the (((elite))) in America and how they want to merge the USA and USSR.
He went on at great length about this secret plot by the (((elite))) to remove all the controls in the USA so that the USA can later be merged into the New World Order.
He also spoke about TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER to the communists – which is a BIG ISSUE. This happened with Russia in the past and is NOW HAPPENING WITH CHINA! Rest assured Jews are involved in all of this.
MacDonald died in a very strange incident where the Russians shot down a civilian Boeing 747. So somebody mentioned that this was a deliberate attempt to kill MacDonald. I did some reading and digging, and I would definitely support this viewpoint.
This guy was like a 2nd Joe McCarthy. He was a virulent anti-communist. I am left with the definite viewpoint that this guy, MacDonald, was an example of the Jewish Talmudic view of: “Even the Best of the Goyim may be killed”.

Definitely. This guy was amazing. Yet another truth telling white male who HAD TO BE KILLED – Just like Rockwell, and Dr Verwoerd. For sure. Jan]

Here are some of the discussions between us: My supporter wrote:

Subject: Re: Congressman Larry McDonald on Crossfire, May 1983


This video was not the first one I viewed. This time the auto-next went to Reagan talking about the crash. The beginning does mention Larry’s wife. He goes on and on but listen at 2:56 where Reagan says that the Soviet Union still refuses to tell the truth and persists that their pilot did not shoot the plane down. In addition, the Soviets say there was a spy plane sent by the US. – President Reagan’s Address to the Nation on the Soviet Attack on a Korean Airliner (KAL 007)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VA4W1wDMAk

I wrote:

Really interesting videos.

This makes me think of a group I used to follow for a while. I cannot think of the name now. It was a famous group led by one man.

I disagreed with his analysis. and he did not think communism was the main enemy. .e.g. Russia. But he did speak a lot about the merger between the USA and USSR.

And that is what Larry is talking about. For much of my life I thought this was bunk, because in Africa we only saw the Russians and Chinese – but mainly the Russians here.

I am well aware of the merger idea of the USA and USSR. and it made no bloody sense to me. I could not see the logic in it.

But now that I am aware of the JEWS and their role in the USA and the USSR, that merger idea makes a ton of sense.

Another thing that made no sense was why were so many Jews leaving the USSR when it collapsed? Again, yet another thing that makes a whole lot of sense.

I think the Jews originally set out to conquer the whole world using russia. Then when they saw that it was not working, and their power in the USA grew, that they must have been the key elements in this weird link up.

Also Larry talks a lot about TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER. This is incredibly important and I watch it with CHINA these days. The original technology transfer to communists started in the 1920s.

The USSR would have been DESTROYED by Europe before the age of Hitler, except that by very weird means, the USSR was saved time and again through cunning deceptions.

the key writer on that is Golitsyn ex-KGB. It is amazing how the Jews must have protected and nurtured their baby darling, the soviet union so that it could survive.

There was a time when even the British had troops in the USSR trying to destroy communism.
But none of this stuff made sense, until I began to learn about the Jews.

And the Jews are still playing that game, this time, their baby is China. And I still think they have fingers in the russian pie too even now. Not as powerful as before.

The Jews … the missing ingredient. But that story of the merger of the USA and USSR …. made no fucking sense to me for long.

This guy was right. All he just is not saying is JEW. But he’s fucking right there… right there…
Fascinating stuff.

A really nice find. Really fucking nice. I take my hat off to that white man, a democrat of all people … he fucking spoke the truth.

First time in a long time I’ve seen anything from JBS that makes sense. Wow.

Larry McDonald on the New World Order


Larry McDonald on the New World Order

Around May of 1983, approximately 4 months before being shot down in KAL007, Congressman Larry McDonald takes on…

I wrote:

That’s fascinating. I am aware of that plane being shot down. I did not know a congressman died on it.

I’d need to see more proofs of this congressman and what exactly he was saying at the time in order to clarify in my mind whether this idea makes sense.

I am open to ideas like this. If the person is important enough … anything is possible.

My final comments regarding his death:
I watched. I also did a bit of quick digging. This entire incident is explained as a bunch of errors, especially the plane by accident going off course. This could have been arranged if need be. The story about US spy planes is true – the USA operated U2 and SR-71’s over the USSR a LOT. And there may have been other incidents. The entire setup is such that there is room for excuses.
But it could still be a setup if Larry was important enough to kill. The Jews could easily have asked Jews in the USSR to organise this, if they believed it was worth it.
In the 1960s there was a UN guy, Hammerscholdt – something like that – who died in a strange plane crash in Zambia. I also heard that this could have been an assassination. He was doing important stuff at the time of his sudden death.

So I would say, if Larry was important enough, it could still have been a hit. The entire incident is so utterly weird, that it could have been concocted. In the past, I have speculated and spoken about important people being killed on planes. The 268 other people who die are not important. What is important is the most important PERSON on the plane. Given that he was the only US official who died, he could have been the target.

It may be worth looking into his activities and whether he was having success. In those interviews he stood his ground firmly. He could have been a danger to the (((elite))) who realised that as a congressman and as the head of JBS, that he was powerful enough intellectually to start hurting the (((elite))) structures. Its a case of kill the best of the goyim.

That entire incident is so weird … that I would say I think it could easily have been organised by the Jews.

You see there are enough excuses, and weird things that everyone walks away with nobody in particular to blame. I recall that the key argument was that the plane went off course and the Russians blew it away. As I recall, from reading, it actually was in US air space. But that could have been a 911 concocted sort of thing – where someone fiddled with the planes setup in the beginning.

When professionals set out to murder people, they do some serious work to make it look like an accident.

I went to his wikipedia page. There is no question in my mind that this man could have been a target. It says:

McDonald was referred to by The New American as “the leading anti-Communist in Congress”.[9]

McDonald admired Senator Joseph McCarthy[10] and was a member of the Joseph McCarthy Foundation. He took the communist threat seriously and considered it an international conspiracy. An admirer of Austrian economics and a member of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, he was an advocate of tight monetary policy in the late 1970s to get the economy out of stagflation, and advocated returning to the gold standard.[11]

McDonald called the welfare state a “disaster”[12] and favored phasing control of the Great Society programs over to the states to operate and run.[13] He also favored cuts to foreign aid, saying, “To me, foreign aid is an area that you not only can cut but you could take a chainsaw to in terms of reductions.”[13]

McDonald co-sponsored a resolution “expressing the sense of the Congress that homosexual acts and the class of individuals who advocate such conduct shall never receive special consideration or a protected status under law”.[14]

This guy was too much of a serious guy who would have damaged the Jews and communists.

What I cannot explain, is the shooting down of the plane as an accident. Reading about how he missed flights, etc, etc. It is hard to make a case that this was organised by fiddling with the plane. Even so, I think he was a top target for assassination. If you read more on his wikipedia page, it is clear that this man was VERY ENERGETIC and dangerous. He was so deeply focused on his mission, in politics, that his first wife left him because of his passion for politics.

I’d say DEFINITELY, he was a guy whom the Jews would have wanted dead. I see he was a doctor. He was clever, totally passionate, and saying too many things too close to the bone. He could easily have been targetted as a high level guy who had to be killed. He was in too powerful and influential position. The Jews went out of their way to destroy Senator McCarthy. He was catching all the communists. And here was another guy who was also a determined communist catcher.

I’d say a very high chance that the Jews must have pulled strings in the USSR to have him killed. For sure. This man was their top enemy. Definitely an example of “even the best of the Goyim may be killed”.

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