ECONOMIC TERRORISM: U.S. Treasury says store shelves will remain empty until everyone gets vaccinated for covid

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[Biden's people are very weird. Rest assured Jewish globalism is at work here. This guy was a Black, born in Nigeria. Jan]

Wally Adeyemo, Joe Biden’s pick for the second-highest office in the Treasury Department, is threatening Americans with prolonged shortages and empty store shelves until every last person is “fully vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

In order to “save lives,” Adeyemo has indicated that he is willing to end all 330 million of them in this country if the remaining injection holdouts continue to refuse to roll up their sleeves.

Proving that the shipping container “crisis” is completely manufactured for political purposes, the Biden regime is basically threatening to starve out America until there is 100 percent compliance with “Operation Warp Speed.”

Even though the fully vaccinated have become the walking plague spreading disease everywhere they go, Adeyemo blamed the unvaccinated for the continued deterioration of the supply chain, which is damaging the entire global economy.

During an appearance on ABC News, Adeyemo blamed the ongoing shortages of consumer goods on the unvaccinated, even though it is Biden and his comrades who are refusing to allow commerce as normal without unquestioning obedience to the regime’s plandemic dictates.

The situation has become so obviously and laughably ridiculous that the phrase “Empty Shelves Joe” is now trending, pointing to the true culprit in all this – or at least the face of the true culprit, as Biden is just another puppet.

Viral photos show shipping containers waiting at ports to unload, if only Biden would let them

There is also prolific evidence across the web in the form of photo imagery showing that plenty of goods are just waiting to unload at the ports where they are docked, but cannot because the Biden regime will not allow it unless everyone is vaccinated.

The vaccine mandates, in other words, are the reason that all Americans are having to suffer with dwindling supplies and skyrocketing prices on just about everything.

“The reality is that the only way we’re going to get to a place where we work through this transition is if everyone in America and everyone around the world gets vaccinated,” Adeyemo nonchalantly admitted in an interview.

Calling this “an economy that’s in transition,” Adeyemo went on to acknowledge that prices are getting “high” because of the regime’s fascist policies, but that Biden should still be praised because of the “stimulus payments” it once distributed.

As for the other supply chain disruptions that are occurring internationally, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the specificity of which items are missing and which are still arriving points to foul play and a deliberate attempt at punishing America for not being fully vaccinated.

Necessities like toilet paper, for instance, are once again being limited to certain quantities just like last year, which is no coincidence. This is a deliberate attempt at making the lives of Americans as miserable as possible in order to try to coerce compliance with the agenda.

Amazingly, the latest data shows that nearly everyone who is getting sick now is fully vaccinated. But this fact has not changed any of the regime’s mandatory vaccination policies, which are still being pushed full-steam ahead.

Adeyemo went on to admit this, indicating that if only Americans would agree to roll up their sleeves, then the White House would “provide the resources the American people need to make it to the other side.”

In other words, instead of this government working for We the People, things have switched to where We the People have become the slaves of the Biden regime – that is, if people continue to obey this illegitimate occupying force.


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