Dutch MEP Thierry Baudet Crushes the EU’s Destructive Trends

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Dutch MP and leader of the Forum for Democracy Party, Thierry Baudet, also gave a short speech this week in which he listed all the ugly trends related to Cultural Marxism and more the European Union is creating for its people.

Thanks to Dutch journalist Michel van der Kemp for alerting us to this and for providing both a Dutch transcription and an English translation of that. Here is Baudet speaking in Dutch:

A quick reminder that the same loathesome people who are responsible for our slavery via a fiat money system have been behind all the authoritarian regimes of the last (at least) couple of hundred years – fascism / Nazism, communism / Bolshevism / Marxism / Cultural Marxism, etc.


A century and a half ago Europe was the shining sun of the world. We made the most incredible inventions. We created the most breathtaking urban design. Our aesthetic creative power was at an absolute peak. With piano concertos by Brahms, operas by Puccini and Wagner, poetry by Rilke and Baudelaire. Rightly so, we were bursting with confidence. Think of the world exhibitions of 1889 and 1900. If you ever see old films, you will have tears in your eyes. Everything was so incredibly beautiful.

Just imagine what the world would be like if our European civilizational history hadn’t been wrecked by thunderstorms made of steel. If we hadn’t slaughtered each other like the Athenians and Spartans in some kind of Peloponnesian war. If we hadn’t come to believe that musical tonality had run out, or that beauty had burned her face. Yes, if subversive ideologies such as those of the Frankfurt School, such as the philosophy of New Musik by Adorno or Eros and Civilization by Marcuse, had not taken hold of our institutions, our intellectuals, our politicians.

Imagine the civilization that begins with Odysseus and continues with Ulysses. The civilization of Augustus, Augustine and Althusius, Giotto and Don Giovanni had continued. Where were we then? Then the whole world would look like Amsterdam, Paris and Rome. Then we would have been colonizing nearby parts of our solar system. Then everyone would be at least one hundred and twenty, we would have eradicated hereditary diseases and there would be no hunger on earth.

A series of incredible catastrophes has shattered our history, diverted us from our path. We are in the midst of a dizzying process of destruction.

And the European Union is an institution that, like all other institutions in the modern world, is accelerating, organizing and facilitating this decline.

Indeed, it is an institution that wants to bring about transition across the board. Transition from one thing to another: the Old Europe to the New.

Indeed, the European Union is a fundamentally anti-European organisation, in the sense of being against European traditions, against the European nations, against our way of life and culture.

It is bringing about a demographic transition, for example, resulting in the overpopulation of our societies, the end of national identities. An energy transition, resulting in a structural change in our eating patterns, our living patterns, our great culinary history, but also the destruction of our middle class, destruction of our economies, making us all wage slaves, poor and dependent on the state that will regulate all our lives.

The European Union is of course also facilitating gender transition, which should put an end to traditional male-female relationships, to the traditional family, to create a new human being.

But the EU is also at the forefront of the health transition, putting the integrity of the human body at risk.

The transition to a digital ID, which means that privacy can no longer exist, so that every expression on the internet can be checked and checked.

A transition in urban planning as we see in those horrible construction projects in Brussels, where structures indistinguishable from Pyongyang or Novosibirsk overshadow the old center of the capital of Flanders.

And finally, it should be mentioned, we see the usury involved in ending the old Europe to create a new Europe in the provoked war with Russia.

Because Russia is the last of the Europeans not to go along with this transition story. Because Russia continues to stand for old Europe. In short, the only European country that has not succumbed to the cultural Marxist hegemony that has weighed down us in the West for decades.

So Chairman, that is the state of Europe and it should be clear what Forum for Democracy’s vision is on this.

Source: https://www.thelibertybeacon.com/dutch-mep-thierry-baudet-crushes-the-eus-destructive-trends/

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