DISASTER! Jews could finish off The Daily Stormer & permanently impoverish Andrew Anglin


I’m going to put up 2 links to the excellent website Saboteur365. They’ve got some thoughtful articles on the latest bad news for The Daily Stormer.

Saboteur’s take on the matter is dire indeed. The Hong Kong registry just got rid of The Daily Stormer.

As a computer programmer, I keep asking myself if there isn’t another way we whites can keep The Daily Stormer going WITHOUT a domain name registered by any one of these other entities. When I ran AfricanCrisis and I was hacked a few times, I began to consider the possibility of how I would function if my website was shut down. One of the things that happened was that the American hosting company I was using at the time ReadyHosting.com – went and began shutting down AfricanCrisis again and again over the allegation that I was “spamvertising my farm murders page”. Yes indeed I was pushing my farm murders page because I wanted to get the message out. I saw after several phone calls and interactions with Readyhosting.com that my website would eventually be put out of commission. At the time my website ran in Microsoft’s ASP language and there weren’t many hosting companies for it and it was quite expensive. So I then rewrote my website in php from scratch in order to be able to find other hosting companies.

But I began pondering how I would survive my single website being put out of commission. I developed some ideas and to this day I keep that as my “back door” plan if the bastards come to put my sites out of commission.

I find it hard to believe that we can’t in some way help The Daily Stormer even if all the Jews get every website registrar on the planet to ban Andrew. There must be ways we can fight back and help.

What I find much more troubling is Saboteur’s analysis of the court case by the Jewess. What is shocking is hearing that Anglin won’t be at the trial! That to me is a huge concern. I know he raised a lot of money for that fight. I know people who’ve donated money to him. I don’t know the details of why Andrew won’t attend the trial. But this is extremely bad news.

This should show whites that the only way forward for ALL of us, across the world, is a struggle that eventually must come down to the rifle.

What I do wonder, if Andrew does NOT go to court is whether he has a Plan B whereby he disappears and takes up the struggle in another way? I am curious to know why he’s decided not to go to court after raising all that money. But this, I’m afraid, is also what lies ahead for us whites. I’m very impressed, extremely impressed, with how Alison Chabloz is fighting away in the courts in the UK. I see court as the next step even for myself. And once legal measures fail, all that’s left for us whites is warfare I’m afraid.

Here are the links to Saboteur’s 2 articles about The Daily Stormer:-

(((Tanya Gersh’s))) Lawsuit Could Shut Down the Daily Stormer Permanently and Impoverish Andrew Anglin – https://saboteur365.wordpress.com/2017/11/28/tanya-gershs-lawsuit-could-shut-down-the-daily-stormer-permanently-and-impoverish-andrew-anglin/

Hong Kong Domain Registry Just Killed the Daily Stormer – https://saboteur365.wordpress.com/2017/11/28/hong-kong-domain-registry-just-killed-the-daily-stormer/

5 thoughts on “DISASTER! Jews could finish off The Daily Stormer & permanently impoverish Andrew Anglin

  • 29th November 2017 at 6:27 am

    Andrew is subject to civil litigation– not criminal litigation. He doesn’t have to appear at the trial, as long as his attorney does. Frankly, it is best that he doesn’t. This case is going to be fought on the law. It’s not like the jury is going to like the guy. The law is in his favor. The jury will not be. Case will be decided on appeals.

    • 29th November 2017 at 7:48 am

      Thank you so much for posting an update here. It’s much appreciated. I was getting quite worried. When is the trial due to start? I’ll try to follow you. I’m interested in updates.

  • 29th November 2017 at 5:04 am

    maybe Anglin doesn’t want to turn up @ court just-in-case they pull a Matt Hale-type surprise on him…. he ain’t stoopid……well…neither was Matt Hale…..but….I think…Anglin is a lot more ‘street-wise’…..
    they can’t shut down DS ….. some-one else will just take it up under a slightly different name….
    eventually: some company will host it and it won’t be able to be taken down……
    maybe he should try a hosting company in Iran or some-such place……

    • 29th November 2017 at 2:13 am

      Its an honour! I see 2 email addresses for you. May I add you to my mailing list? I’m just busy updating the bottom of this article of mine where I’m commenting on Andrew Anglin.

      PS: I saw your article about Miss White (?) South Africa. I think you are mostly correct in your assertions except for the father. The coloured in the girl could come from earlier generations and not necessarily from the current generation but I do agree with your assertion that they would NOT send a pure white Miss South Africa to the Miss Universe. There must be something amiss. They have aggressively weeded out the white girls from winning this competition in the past. We do have some borderline whites here if you can call it that, and some of it goes back many generations.

      Your website is great and I was browsing your articles with interest. Great stuff in there. Nice SOLID stuff.


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