COVID vaccine: Did Tiffany Pontes Dover really die? – Just some thoughts


I have seen quite a few people claiming this woman is dead. They say she did not post on facebook, etc like she used to. I even saw some videos where people searched records of recent deaths and some of it appears convincing. But without thoroughly checking myself, I am not keen to say that this is true. I would say that even the rumours of her being dead, which have spread massively, is very bad for those driving the COVID agenda. You could not have worse publicity than that woman fainting and perhaps dying. So in some respects it does not matter if she died or did not die – I think MILLIONS of people now believe she is dead and this will motivate them a LOT against the vaccine idea, which is a stupid, dumbass thing anyway. I certainly would not touch a vaccine.

There is one thing though, in the stories about Tiffany, that does NOT make sense and that is the story line that the head nurse is susceptible to fainting when she is jabbed with a needle or suffers pain. If she was that susceptible to such things, then why didn’t she warn them up front? And is a nurse, a head nurse, really that afraid of needles when that is what she is working with every day of her life? That aspect of the story does strike me as weird. Her collapse was pretty bad when it happened.

That story line, about her being afraid of needles, does not make sense to me. I do question that.

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