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This week I’ve begun doing work on many changes to my website at – these are changes for the better and they’ll include a special surprise for Subscribers and Donors. So bear with me as I pile in and try to get the changes in. The technology I’m using is a bit new to me so I have to study tutorials and learn as I go along. I’ll release the changes in parts.

Note: I was trying an experiment on my website to re-post old posts on to the social media. The experiment went horribly wrong and old articles were going to the front of my website. I have stopped that feature. It made a real mess of things.

6 thoughts on “Changes to History Reviewed Website

  • 22nd August 2017 at 1:37 am

    Hey Jan just was thinking. Since when ever an individual tries talking to some one else on the subject of what happend in ww2 and explaining the REAL events that took place. The person listening often can not handle hearing such information and shut down and look at you as a Neo Nazi, white supremacist and disagree with you. Instead of trying to tell the truth of the German side. I beleive that it would be far easier to show and talk to them about the Japanese fight in ww2 over the Germans. But it is through this after they come to understand why Japan behaved so, they will be open to hearing the German side.

    The other night I was watching stuff on Japan. I came across a really good video of a compilation of like rougly around 100 or more quotes of Chinese, Indian, Phillipnes, Thai, American, British, Malaysia, Singapore, … politicians all stating how through Japan, Japan being the only Asian country to defeat a Western country in hundreds of years. Finaly brought hope to these lands. That when the Japanese came they were welcomed because it ment they were to not be ruled by whites. Video also has politicians saying how they managed to provoke the war with Japan. Anyways through this since others are always in love with being liberal. This wont hurt their world too much since you are not belittling another race but trying to show the truth. Which since they are not white they wont think of you as a white supremacist, racist, neo nazi etc. After educating them here I think itd be A LOT easier with teaching them stuff on H-tlers struggle and the Germans. Understansing they were lied to about Japan, they will realise they could be lied to about Germany too.

    • 23rd August 2017 at 6:01 am

      AH NO Shlomo nice try! Asians are not at Risk “White People Are.” Maybe we could talk about the poor Native Redman and make comparisons with them drawing us away from the one and only issue ” Your threat to White People” in the very slim chance you are real we don`t want the lost majority of lemmings they are a burden not a asset. Educate yourself further or go back to your Rabbi !

      • 23rd August 2017 at 8:13 pm

        Nicely put… you can spot a jew when they put a “-” in the middle of a word..

        jews cannot say GOD, they can only get to g-d..

        and now H-tler?


        I wish HITLER really killed 6millions jews, they are the spawn of satan..
        the jews supported satan, and stood behind him.. 4 mandela666 -4 = 666 = lucifer

        i find it quite funny that jewelry start with JEW… LOL…

    • 28th August 2017 at 1:06 am

      Thanks for your input and suggestions. Do you have a link to the video about Japan? I’d like to watch it.


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