Can’t Trust Newsmax Either – They Donated to the filthy Clinton foundation


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[Interesting article from Jim Stone. Jan]


It is once again time to remind people exactly who stole the election. Who rigged it, who infiltrated on all levels, who paid the poll workers, who kicked the poll watchers out –

As it turns out, Bill Gates was at least partially involved in paying the poll workers who rigged the election and it has now been revealed that the actual election stealing software Dominion ran was produced by Microsoft. What religion is Bill Gates? As it turns out, Zukerberg did all he could to censor and assist in the stealing of the election also. What religion is he? What religion owns CNN? What religion owns the rest of the media, including even Newsmax? What religion runs Hollywood? What religion is George Soros? Answer these questions, and you’ll know who stole this election. If that specific group did NOT steal this election, they’d use their media outlets to shout the theft from their rooftops. Instead – Crickets. Back stabs. Extra work done to seal the steal. Regardless of whether or not Venezuela was involved, it was ONE group of people who stole this election, and they continue to do so, outing themselves EVERY DAY with what they spew through their media outlets. IF THEY DID NOT STEAL THE ELECTION, WHY WOULD THEY CENSOR ALL WORD OF WHO WAS INVOLVED IN DOING IT?

Never forget WHO is actually behind this steal, people can finger China all they want but the MSM which is trying to enforce the steal is owned by ONE GROUP, a group that believes it is above "humankind" to such an extent they can destroy civilizations with all the wanton abandon of an alien race, hell bent on destroying the world for whatever reason – and I know the reason after being in their community and seeing it from the inside – the reason is simply to prove they are superior and there’s nothing more to it – They will CRUSH US with total carelessness and arrogance, believing they served their God by doing so. Or should I say their G-d, they skip the vowel when they write for whatever reason, (that is something I never figured out).

This "Alien race" as some confused and befuddled people claim must be behind this because "no psychopath wants all of mankind wiped out so they have to be alien" lives among us, in their own private enclaves, and will cry straight faced to you about the destruction of society while they stab you in the back. They are THAT EVIL, and their "great reset" will be what delivers them their ultimate superiority over mankind. If you are wondering why their "great reset" will be realized when no one outside their group owns any property it ties into their prophecy of each of them having "1,000 goy slaves" and SLAVES DO NOT OWN PROPERTY. GOT IT?

There. I said it. At 2:30 AM because I could not sleep, tossing, turning, flipping over what the F***ING bastards are doing, trying to trigger a genocide, just look at what they have written lately about "The enablers of Trump must be dealt with" and "white privilege", going into a "great reset" – do you think that will end well? Do you think they are bluffing?

IF they manage to backstab Trump out of office – IF they steal this, don’t shoot up a sonic burger, for GODS SAKE do NOTHING AT ALL other than take your greivances to where they will actually have an impact when expressed. Failure to address the enemy where it sleeps and quickly will definitely result in genocide.

As was the case in China, the genocide will be buried in the COVID stats. The "dark winter" will be very dark indeed.


Jim Stone

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