Books Fabian Socialist Contribution to the Communist Advance (1964)

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Fabian Socialist Contribution to the Communist Advance (1964) by Eric D. Butler

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The Fabian Socialist movement grew out of the same collectivist philosophical soil as did the Marxist-Leninist movement. So far from being a moderating influence on the world-wide revolutionary movement spear-headed by the Marxist-Leninists, the Fabian Socialists have played a decisive part in advancing the revolution. Particularly amongst the English-speaking peoples of the non-Communist world, they have furthered Socialist ideology and policies in a manner which the Marxist-Leninists could never have done on their own. They have in fact played the major role in preparing the Western nations for their eventual predicted takeover by their more violent Socialist brothers, the Communists. It is clear, therefore, that the Communist advance is not going to be halted until the Fabian Socialist smokescreen is swept away by effective exposure and, even more important, the Fabian economic, financial and political policies of gradualism are first halted and then reversed.

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