Australian elections: Why Whites are turning away from Political Parties


[Some nice comments from a reader in Australia, explaining how things work there. Independents are definitely a step forward. The entire political system that exists in the West is a controlled system. There is no real choice, there is nothing that really allows common whites to get what they want. It's just a new (((Elite))) who have seized control. Hitler was the only sane leader in the world I tell you. Jan]

Here’s what the Australian reader wrote:
To be clear, you don’t have to make a valid vote. You can put in a blank form or write or draw whatever you want on it. You only need to get your name crossed of as having voted. I forgot to vote once and got a fine. Only Labor (left) or Liberal (fake conservatives) will ever win government. More and more people are voting for independents and small parties but the system is rigged. Compulsory voting was brought in because very few Australians were voting in elections. They probably knew it was a waste of time and were more interested in feeding their families.

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