Audio: S.Africa: Should Whites go to WAR over Land Seizure without Compensation?


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When the new President of South Africa, the Jew-friendly scumbag, Cyril Ramaphosa announced that farm land would be seized from whites without compensation, the first thoughts in my mind were that we whites SHOULD GO TO WAR OVER THIS! ITS THAT SERIOUS! But I’ve never discussed my thoughts on this, until now, in this audio.

Recently whites have been talking to me here in South Africa about the possibility that South Africa could EXPLODE INTO CIVIL WAR! I was having some serious discussions with other white men over this topic. Some people over here are preparing for WAR.

I decided to discuss this matter much more closely. The Suidlanders for example, paint the picture that South Africa would end up like Bosnia or Serbia. But how likely is this?

I discuss the lies of our President about the fake “need” that blacks have for this white farm land. I also draw on my Zimbabwean knowledge and experiences.

I give my own thoughts on war, and how a war could come about and the many forms this war could take. I also explain why I think the whites of South Africa, especially the Afrikaans people should DIG IN FIRMLY (Blood & Soil style), and hang in there for dear life in South Africa despite what these black communist scum are up to. Why? Because I think there will be many opportunities for us whites to HIT BACK at that black communist scum in the decades ahead. We are far from finished.

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