Are Ukrainian troops operating inside Russia? – My Comments

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[Rest assured they are. A week or so before this attack in the direction of Belograd by these Russians who are fighting for the Ukrainians, I actually saw film footage of a Ukrainian soldier on the outskirts of Belograd. The Ukrainians are operating a LOT behind Russian lines inside Ukraine, but it is clear that they are even going into Russia itself. Make no mistake that those 2 Battalions of Russians who attacked 4 villages inside Russia in recent days, did so on the orders of Ukraine. Ignore the Ukrainian denials. Rest assured Ukraine sent those Russians in on that mission. That could be the beginning of much bigger things to come in 2 – 3 years time. This war is going to get much wilder. Jan]

This is an excerpt from an article:-
Are Ukrainian ‘saboteurs’ operating in Russia?

Russian President Vladimir Putin has apparently been briefed on an ongoing incursion into Russian territory by "saboteurs" from Ukraine , an attack that aims to "divert attention" from Moscow’s claimed conquest of Bakhmut, his spokesperson has said.

"The Ministry of Defense, the FSB and the border guards have informed the President (…), work is underway to drive out this sabotage group from Russian territory and to eliminate it," Russian agencies told Dmitry Peskov.

According to the Kremlin official, Ukraine launched this attack on the Belgorod region, bordering Ukrainian territory, to "divert attention" from the situation in Bakhmut, the epicenter of Russian-Ukrainian fighting for months and a city that Moscow claimed to have conquered this weekend.

"We fully understand that the purpose of this act of sabotage is to divert attention from Bakhmut, to minimise the effect of the loss by the Ukrainian side" of this city, he said.

Kyiv says for its part that it still controls a few sites in Bakhmut, but above all that it is attacking the Russian flanks in the suburbs, in order to surround Moscow’s forces in the city.


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