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[This is nothing new. Many of us have been banned by Paypal for years and lost money to these shitbags. Paypal still has money that it stole from my sales of my book. It seized the money and I still need to try to get it back. They are such filth. I hope that in time Paypal gets its comeuppance. They are clever operators though. They know how to dodge legal stuff. They're very cunningly set up. I wish that people could gang up on paypal and corner them. I wonder how much money Paypal has seized from people over the years! They do what the f*ck they want. They are a law unto themselves. In this case, a type of Liberal is actually complaining about Paypal, so they have broadened their sphere of operation beyond just the white right. Is Schulman the CEO a Jew? Jan]

In case you were unaware, PayPal, the banking partner of eBay, has been locking down accounts, seizing funds and engaging in all sorts of other illicit behavior targeted specifically at customers deemed to be politically incorrect. And domain registration and hosting platform Epik says this goes right along with all the libel, slander, theft, tax evasion, money laundering, and weaponized harassment of customers that now demarcates PayPal’s routine business practices.

One of PayPal’s corporate targets, Epik recently posted an update explaining that CEO Dan Schulman has been strategically scheming how to turn PayPal into yet another fascist tech giant that caters only to leftists. As evidenced by numerous interviews he has given in recent months, Schulman has been actively steering PayPal to only do business with his political allies, which of course are all far-left.

Schulman has admitted on more than one occasion that PayPal now hand-selects which customers to do business with, while everyone else gets blacklisted. Those with existing PayPal accounts that have been identified as political foes are also being targeted for abuse and fraud, which is only possible because PayPal maintains a monopoly on digital funds transfers.

Despite the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) exacerbating financial hardships for many, PayPal is committing to making the lives of its politically incorrect clients as miserable as possible, especially for registrars and hosting companies like Epik that provide services to right-wing groups like the Proud Boys, with which PayPal refuses to do business.

“Epik itself is but one of many registrars and hosting companies having to deal with unthinkable abuses over the course of 2020, as efforts to preserve freedom, information, and truth being shared with the public have been under constant attack,” the company notes about the horrors it has had to endure at the hands of PayPal.

“In October, PayPal made the decision to terminate payment acceptance for all of Epik’s customers, and went as far as telling us in writing that they had no obligation to explain why or ever grant an appeal to be heard. This was after more than a decade of positive service with no prior administrative issues, and zero past reports or incidents of negative account activity.”

Mashable, SPLC both complicit in committing domestic terror against PayPal’s political foes

For daring to bring this to the attention of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Department of Justice (DOJ), Epik has had to endure even more abuse from PayPal, which quickly launched a disinformation and propaganda campaign aimed at scrubbing the truth about the company’s fascist behavior from the internet. Amazingly, PayPal was able to manufacture some 195 articles within 48 hours as part of “a highly malicious press campaign.”

“We believe there should be concern about the organization or alliance that has the capacity to instantly create nearly two hundred negative hit pieces, especially against a small business in an attempt to cover their own actions,” the company adds.

In a press release dated Oct. 31, Epik called for the resignation of Schulman, whom it says is guilty of a litany of crimes, including using PayPal as “a political targeting tool to cause suffering and hardship based on Schulman’s personal beliefs and private views.”

Epik also names Mashable and Matt Binder as among the “originating sources” of the now more than 200 articles and media cases that were published by PayPal as hit pieces against Epik and other political foes. Another culprit complicit in this libel campaign is the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which needs to be “investigated and dismantled as a domestic terror organization.”

To keep up with the latest news about Big Tech censorship and terror against conservatives and others who refuse to tow the far-left fascist agenda, be sure to check out

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