American Predicted: JEWS & CHINA: Jews will tank the US Economy in order to get rid of Trump


[Here are comments from an American supporter of mine in New York and what her sister said about the Jews. This brings me back to what I've been saying about sinking the economy. Jan]

Date: Sat, Feb 29, 2020 at 6:19 AM
Subject: Re: Corona virus.
To: Jan


China and Jews are working together. I remember my sister Kathy said a long time ago how she believes the Jews won’t stop at anything and that they are determined to destroy Trump. She said “watch, when all else fails they will tank the economy. “. If you start connecting the dots, and I know Jews and chinks are united, then things start to make sense about the corona virus. Trump placed tariffs on China and they don’t mind sacrificing their own kind as they lack morals and human qualities. What’s a few million for them to lose? Did u see the news on how the Israel’s will have a vaccine for the virus? Hahahahhaahha sure sure, they can come out with a vaccine in just a few weeks!!?? Hmmmmm maybe they spread it and had a vaccine ready if needed and now pretending as if they are working on it. They really think people won’t figure this out? Lots of brain dead sheeple will believe it.

What are your thoughts? Ok I look forward to your videos as always.


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