A Quick Summary of The 4 Laws of Politics for Whites


Here is a simple set of Laws of Politics, which is what I have learned over the years. Some of these points came from George Lincoln Rockwell who made some of these points. Others are what I have derived from my understanding and conclusions.

Here goes, The Laws of Politics, for Whites as I understand them and have deduced them:-

1. Liberalism ALWAYS leads to Communism.
2. It is the biggest lie imaginable that Liberalism can somehow fight Communism.
3. Conservatism NEVER defeats Communism.
4. Only Fascism & NAZISM have EVER defeated Communism.


One thought on “A Quick Summary of The 4 Laws of Politics for Whites

  • 7th October 2019 at 9:21 am

    Looking at your list and thinking about:
    “3. Conservatism NEVER defeats Communism.”
    Even though I’ve long since abandoned any notion of the whole fake left versus right nonsense they have the whole country divided with, I’ve really grown to hate our so-called “conservative” high level politicians, the ones who act like they are all about the disappearing white middle class, how they are for the 2nd amendment, how they are for a border wall and limiting (legal) immigration and ENDING illegal immigration, etc. THEY DO NOTHING!! As whacked out and insane as the entire democratic side now looks all of the time, every day all day, the “conservative” Republicans look WORSE, because all they do it bitch about the psychopathic democrats and all of their crazy shenanigans, like this latest Ukraine/Impeachment nonsense – but they continue to let the Dems roll right over them and waste nothing but the American TIME & DIME with all of this non-stop, treasonous bag of Jew tricks, meant to do nothing but keep the American cattle goyim distracted and arguing about dumb crap that has no real basis and is of no importance to the average American who can’t pay their bills and worries themselves sick with anxiety about the future, especially as they continue to make the WHITES Public enemy #1, while continuing to hide TRUE stats of black on white rampant crime/assault/robbery/rape that happens every single day across the entire United States, especially in the big filthy cockroach cities that are now run almost exclusively by blacks and have gone to total hell since white people were no longer in charge of them.
    All of the CONSERVATIVE Republican congressmen/senators/politicians all over the country may have well have handed their balls directly over to the Jews – because they sure as hell aren’t using the pair they have.


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