A Brilliant French saying about the Jews being crooks!


Bismarck, above, was the political genius who unified Germany. Look at what he said well over a century ago … and look at the wars that have occured since. Is that accurate or what?

Alison Chabloz said something interesting to Alex Linder and I yesterday. She said that the French have this saying about the Jews:

“Not all Jews are crooks, but the biggest crooks are Jews!”

Well, there you have more wisdom from our European brethren who know the Jews better than anyone on the PLANET! Its about time all whites listen to them! Jan

One thought on “A Brilliant French saying about the Jews being crooks!

  • 26th October 2018 at 12:39 pm

    Yes Bismarck knew a thing or two, but this quote erroneous substitutes Jews for foreign bankers and financiers. Bismarck specifically identified the Rothschilds as the predominating voice among these Euro bankers, but his general characterization of them is not Jews but “the high financial powers of Europe”, “these sinister financiers of Europe”, “the masters of finance in Europe”. The source is 1876 interview with countryman Conrad Siem, published in “La Vieille France”, March 1921 (p. 216 etc.), given in English translation in Gertrude Coogan’s 1935 book, Money Creators (pp. 214-16)


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