4 Charts: EXCELLENT NEWS: Christianity growing MASSIVELY in Africa (Islam growing too!)

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[Now here is great news for whites.  😆 Take a look at how MASSIVELY Christianity is growing in Africa among the blacks! Islam is growing too, but not as much as Christianity. In South Africa about 70% of the total population is Christian. Vast numbers of blacks are Christians! That does not stop them from committing crime and murder. I thought I would give you whites some really GREAT NEWS!

This chart below is for sub-saharan Africa! Look at how their traditional religions have been dying, and how massively Christian they’ve become. In South Africa the percentage of black christians is much higher.

Look carefully at the charts below, you’ll see some really interesting stuff that can work for us whites!

You see … there’s lots of good news for the future!! I’m all in favour of giving Bibles to blacks! Jan]

Now look at this map below. Here you see the mix between Christians and Muslims in Africa. And you can see the clearly delineated boundaries. So the Christians are in the South. But even in the south, you’ll find Muslims! But they are 10% or less of the population. The yellow countries are where the boundaries are. What you have here is the layout for future religious conflict in Africa among … the non-whites!! In Nigeria, which is marked in yellow, the Christians and Muslims have already been killing each other!

In this chart below, look at the vast number of BLACK Christians they’re expecting in Africa by 2025! This is very real. I assure you, Christianity is BIG in Africa!

In this chart below you’ll see that the Roman Catholics are expecting all their different groups in Asia and Latin America to remain more or less the same (as a percentage), but you’ll see that while Catholicism is falling in Europe; they’re expecting it to grow in Africa!!! 


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