1944: Jew-controlled Churchill wanted to exterminate Germans with Chemical & Biological weapons!


In this month when we remember the terrible events in Dresden in WW2. I thought I would point out some truly devilish things that Churchill had in mind for the Germans that were worse than Dresden. Yesterday, sadly Lady Michelle Renouf, a British citizen was arrested in Berlin after giving a speech in memory of the tragedy of Dresden. You can read about it HERE.

The Jewish puppet Winston Churchill had changed a lot since his youth when he actually was keen on exposing communism and fighting it. Instead, he focused his energy on the German NAZIs who posed no threat to the British Empire. By being a total fool Churchill went on to fight a war that was not needed and in the process set the scene for losing the entire British Empire in the aftermath of this stupid war aimed at protecting Jewish interests only. White men from Britain died yet again for another Jewish cause.

As bad as Dresden was, it was in fact nothing like what Churchill had in mind. The Jew Kaufman in the USA wrote the hate-filled lying book “Germany must perish” earlier during WW2. He said that all German men must be sterilized and Germans must be exterminated totally and that all the territory of Germany must be split among its neighbours. He envisaged a Europe with no Germany at all.

Churchill’s moves after D-Day reek of similar Jewish schemes. You can pick up signs of it when you dig into the history.

A few years ago, an American friend of mine who is well versed in history told me that Churchill was intent on using chemical and biological weapons against the Germans. He told me that Churchill’s plans were so hideous that even the British Generals refused to carry them out.

One of the ideas of the British was to drop anthrax on Germany and to try and render Germany uninhabitable.

At the time I dug into this I came to the conclusion that it seemed as if there might even have been a British attempt to test out the anthrax idea. Unfortunately, years later I can’t remember what exactly it was that I had come across that made me think this was the case. As best I can remember I came across some sort of reference to anthrax occurring suddenly in Holland near the German border. I’m writing this from my bad memory in the hope that one of my readers might later find something that could be relevant to what I suspected a few years ago.

Instead, let me show you what I can prove now. Then you can judge for yourself.

Just one final note about the other weapon of mass destruction the nuclear bomb. I know some people don’t believe in nuclear bombs, but this is easily provable. There is so much evidence for the existence of nuclear science and nuclear bombs. David Irving in a certain speech stated that atomic bombs were DEFINITELY dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and he gives his extremely shocking reasons as to WHY they were dropped because they served almost no military purpose.

The thing to remember is that Jews were swarming all over the atomic bomb project. KEEP IN MIND THAT THE ATOMIC BOMBS WERE INTENDED TO BE DROPPED ON GERMANY! They were only dropped on Japan because Germany was no longer in the war. All the “Allies” had agreed to focus all their main energy on crushing Germany first. My own view is that they had to do this because the longer the Germans remained in the war the more likely it was that they would prove to be invincible. The Germans were developing new weapons so fast that despite being heavily outnumbered, the Germans were pulling one rabbit after another out of their hats doing new impossible things that nobody was expecting. e.g Jet fighter planes and much more.

The thing that nobody mentions about this Jewish nuclear bomb project is what a flop it really was. I think it took them about 2 years to produce the first bomb. All the techniques they used were not working. It seems to me that after they fumbled and bumbled around they eventually hit on another way of building nuclear bombs and they switched from uranium to plutonium for the second bomb and that went much faster. It is highly probable too that when they dropped the 2 nuclear bombs on Japan that those were the only ones they had and they hoped it would be enough to scare the Japanese Emperor into surrendering in the mistaken belief that they had many more.

The Germans are criticized for not developing nuclear bombs, but if you look at what a difficult thing it was to do and the MASSIVE resources the US needed, then you can see that as a military idea it made no financial/engineering sense. The Germans wisely chose to focus their limited energies and resources on MANY far superior ideas.

I published this article some time ago about the nuclear bombs:
Jewish Science: Nuclear Weapons: Jews behind the Atom bomb – Einstein’s 16 communist affiliations – http://historyreviewed.best/index.php/2017/12/08/jewish-science-nuclear-weapons-jews-behind-the-atom-bomb-einsteins-16-communist-affiliations/

So the Jewish idea was not such a great idea as many pretend it is. It consumed massive resources, used massive amounts of people, money and technology to produce a single bomb. I also doubt the Jews were the real brains behind its technical achievements. Jews are not as technically brilliant as they (and others) like to portray them.

So just keep in mind, if the Jewish idea of the nuclear bomb had worked better and had been more practical and easier to do, then Germany would have been the first nation to be nuked.

But there are worse things than atomic bombs! And the British had them!

NB: NB: In the articles below be very careful of all the twists and turns as the articles are angled to pretend that Britain would only have used these weapons in terms of defence. Don’t be fooled by all sorts of ducking and diving. In the articles and quotes you will see the clear desire by Churchill to use them for offensive purposes and to hit Germany first.

Churchill was keen to use poison gas against the Germans. The economist has an article about this: HERE. Let me quote some parts of it:

“CLEARLY,” wrote an exasperated Winston Churchill in the summer of 1944, “I cannot make head against the parsons and the warriors at the same time.” Through most of that July the British prime minister had been asking his military chiefs to reconsider the question of using poison gas against Germany, telling them he wanted “cold-blooded calculation” rather than moralistic arguments about the unique iniquity of chemical weapons. The joint chiefs unanimously came down against the idea. Churchill grumpily acquiesced.

The same article points out that Hitler refused to use chemical weapons throughout the war. Hitler himself had experienced chemical attack and had been blinded as a result of gas in WW1.

In the above article you can see that the joint chiefs of staff unanimously rejected Churchills endless pleas and pressure to use poison gas on the Germans. Clearly they were not driven by the same Jewish hate-filled madness as Churchill.

On Wikipedia is an article about Chemical Weapons and the UK in WW2 at this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chemical_weapons_and_the_United_Kingdom#Proposed_use_in_World_War_II

Take special note of the mention of the use of not only poison gas but also anthrax on the Germans as well as mention of “drenching the cities of the Ruhr and many other cities” in poison gas!

Here’s a relevant quote:

Winston Churchill issued a memorandum advocating a chemical strike on German cities using poison gas and possibly anthrax. Although the idea was rejected, it has provoked debate.[12] In July 1944, fearing that rocket attacks on London would get even worse and that he only use it if it was “life or death for us” or would “shorten the war by a year”,[13] Churchill wrote a secret memorandum asking his military chiefs to “think very seriously over this question of using poison gas.” He said “it is absurd to consider morality on this topic when everybody used it in the last war without a word of complaint…” and that:

I should be prepared to do anything [Churchill’s emphasis] that would hit the enemy in a murderous place. I may certainly have to ask you to support me in using poison gas. We could drench the cities of the Ruhr and many other cities in Germany …, We could stop all work at the flying bombs starting points…. and if we do it, let us do it one hundred per cent.

—?Winston Churchill, ‘Most Secret’ PRIME MINISTER’S PERSONAL MINUTE to the Chiefs of Staff, 6 July 1944[13]
So what Churchill was proposing was much worse than what happened in the fire hell of Dresden.

On Wikipedia is an article called: Operation Vegetarian. Hidden inside this innocuous name is a nightmare. You can view the article HERE.

Here is the whole article:

Operation Vegetarian

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Operation Vegetarian was a British military plan in 1942 to disseminate linseed cakes infected with anthrax spores onto the fields of Germany. These cakes would have been eaten by the cattle, which would then be consumed by the civilian population, causing the deaths of millions of German citizens. Furthermore, it would have wiped out the majority of Germany’s cattle, creating a massive food shortage for the rest of the population that remained uninfected.[1] Preparations were not complete until early 1944. Operation Vegetarian was only to be used in the event of a German anthrax attack on the United Kingdom.[2]

The cakes themselves were tested on Gruinard Island, just off the coast of Scotland. Because of the widespread contamination from the anthrax, the land remained a no-go area until 1990. The five million cakes made to be disseminated in Germany were eventually destroyed in an incinerator shortly after World War II ended in 1945.[3]

In his novel The Impossible Dead (2011), author Ian Rankin mentions the clandestine events surrounding the removal of contaminated soils from Guinard Island by the Dark Harvest Commandos and the island’s removal from maps by the British Government.[4] It also features as the principal setting for the novel “El año de gracia” by Cristina Fernández Cubas originally published in 1985, in which the protagonist spends a winter shipwrecked on the island.

Note above that on the island they were tested on that the land was a no-go area until 1990! Imagine if that had been Germany! Note also that they did produce 5 million cakes that were ready to be used. Even if the anthrax did not spread to the Germans it would have played a role in starving them.
Now we’ll turn to a much more detailed article which discussed the anthrax as well as other deadly ideas. This is a direct reproduction from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Volume 43, 1987, Issue 1. The title is: “Churchill’s Secret Biological Weapons”. This is the source link for it: HERE.

NB: The author of this article seems to be a Jew, Bernstein. The entire article is filled with all kinds of insinuations that Hitler was going to do something really evil but after all the insinuations, even at the end of the article he admits that the Germans had ZERO biological weapons! So in this article you’ll find all sorts of political twists as the Jew defends Churchill and tries to pretend that Hitler is out of control. But you’ll see that there is enough detail herein to show you what Churchill was desperately trying to do and that if he had had enough anthrax bombs from the USA he would have very much liked to have used it against the Germans in 1944. There was a plan to drop anthrax on 6 German cities and you’ll read of the terrible consequences they were expecting.

NB: NB: You will also see in this article mention that even in 1987 there were several files that were still classified about Churchill’s project.

This article does NOT mention the testing on the island and that it was a no go area until 1990!

Between these various articles you will get some insight into the nightmares that Churchill had planned for the Germans!

I have reproduced the whole article here:

A final point. The above article by the Jew caused a lot of consternation and later in issue 9 there were people hitting back and also quoting other articles that attempted to refute what the Jew Bernstein was saying. But it seems to me that the general idea in the Jews’ article is valid – that there were plans afoot to do more harm to the Germans. Of course, I doubt this article is the be-all and end-all of the matter and that we can get more detailed info on this topic later. But to me, Operation Vegetarian also indicates that there were actual experiments.

NOTE: There are attempts to hide clearly hostile and negative intentions from the past. A particularly sore point with me is the very obvious murder of Napoleon by the British where they abuse science to try to hide very obvious forensic evidence. Its a topic I want to return to later.

So there you have it: Dresden was just a small part of a much bigger nightmare that Jew-driven Churchill was very keen to unleash upon the German people … if only he had the means at that time!

Luckily for the Germans, all the nightmares the Jews were hoping for, from the atomic bomb through to anthrax and poison gas … that Jewish tools like Churchill were never quite in a position to “pull the trigger” to murder Germans by the million. However, the INTENT to slaughter Germans en masse is very evident!

Now the same is true for us as a RACE. Our enemies, the Jews and blacks would love to see us dead by the hundreds of millions … but will they actually be in a position to pull the trigger on us? We should see to it that next time … we have our fingers on our triggers first! Then we’ll see who disappears from this Earth first! Jan.

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