1938: Hitler’s Gun Control Laws … Jewish companies NOT allowed to manufacture arms and ammo!


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[You can read about Hitler’s gun control laws of 1938. I see with interest you could own a weapon at the age of 18! Nice! He lowered the age from 20 to 18! It’s very cool to see the rules he had for Jewish companies! Nice! Jan]

Here are the rules regarding Jewish arms and ammunition manufacturers:
Manufacture of arms and ammunition continued to require a permit, with the proviso that such permits would no longer be issued to any company even partly owned by Jews; Jews could not manufacture or deal in firearms or ammunition.[8]

Here’s the full wikipedia article about laws Hitler enacted: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gun_control_in_Germany

German Weapons Law of 1938:
The following changes were made:
Minimum age to purchase guns was reduced from 21 to 18
Simplified background checks for hand gun purchases
Eliminated background checks for long gun purchases
Convicted felons were allow to own guns after a 3-year probation period.

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