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Copy of 643382-01-02-1600227322207The deadly fires spreading across three western US states are causing record-breaking pollution and a spate of health woes, from headaches and coughs to impaired vision, that have residents worried about the long-term consequences.Image Credit: AFP
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Copy of 645140-01-02-1600227329995Portland, the largest city in Oregon, has been blanketed for days by a dense smog that has sent pollution meters soaring.Image Credit: AFP
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Copy of 643374-01-02-1600227325050The foul air is a nightmare for local businesses which, after months of stay-at-home orders due to the coronavirus crisis, are now struggling to get customers through the doors when many just want to stay home.Image Credit: AFP
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Copy of 643410-01-02-1600227316588A person sits on a mattress in downtown Portland, Oregon where air quality due to smoke from wildfires was measured to be amongst the worst in the world.Image Credit: AFP
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Copy of 643412-01-02-1600227313686The coronavirus pandemic plus the unhealthy air quality have emptied the streets and put enormous pressure on businesses.Image Credit: AFP
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Copy of 643387-01-02-1600227319251A man walks along the banks of the Williamette River in downtown Portland, Oregon where air quality due to smoke from wildfires was measured to be amongst the worst in the world.Image Credit: AFP
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Copy of 633964-01-02-1600227305723Cows are grazing surrounded by thick smoke from wildfires near Oregon City. Dense smog from US wildfires have burnt nearly five million acresImage Credit: AFP
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Copy of 644465-01-02-1600227308025A truck drives on a road shrouded in smoke and fog in Sublimity, Oregon.Image Credit: AFP
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Copy of 639488-01-02-1600227302911A local resident helping to put out hotspots and cut fire roads walks down a smoky road with a shovel over his shoulders, in Molalla, Oregon.Image Credit: AFP
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Copy of 643518-01-02-1600227310949A man crosses a street shrouded in smoke and fog in downtown Portland.Image Credit: AFP
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Copy of 639515-01-02-1600227327550A barn shrouded in smoke in Molalla, Oregon, which has been evacuated due to the Riverside Fire.Image Credit: AFP
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Copy of 644608-01-02-1600227332910Horses graze in a smoke and fog shrouded field in Sublimity, Oregon near the east edge of the Beachie Creek Fire.Image Credit: AFP

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