Zimbabwe: Robert Mugabe resigned – BUT he’s a billionaire & remember these points…


[Robert Mugabe resigned a few hours ago. BUT, remember these points:-
o Now that he’s resigned, it makes the coup LEGAL – so this lets President Zuma and the African Union off the hook
o Mugabe is a BILLIONAIRE in US Dollar terms. He owns a hotel in the UK, and has many assets elsewhere including Asia.
o Mugabe is NOT going to be prosecuted for anything – which means he gets away with ALL his crimes and mass murder.
o I hope he does not settle in South Africa – that would be bad.
o The good side is that it surely scares Zuma of South Africa – so Globalist Elite will like it and might even have helped support it.
o It is good that it will scare other black leaders and perhaps even Malema a bit – because it will show them that they’re not untouchable.
o He’s filthy rich and he and his family will be living fine whereever they go – which is sad.
o His one son this week showed a pic of his latest watch which he boasted is worth $60,000! – That’s the lifestyle these black scum communists are used to.

I suspect he resigned rather than took the impeachment. So the bummer is he gets away with everything and walks into the sunset.

o The ruling party, ZANU PF are communists with close links to (Jewish) Communist China.

On the plus side, I saw a news article which showed that the enmity between ZANU PF and the opposition MDC which was created by whites+blacks is as strong as ever. Blacks told me that ZANU PF will probably cheat at next year’s national elections. ZANU PF is somewhat amenable to white farmers coming back BUT ONLY ON THEIR TERMS (which I wish whites would REJECT). There might be slight improvements in Zimbabwe but I doubt things will change – nor do I care.

Even Mugabe realised and knew that his comrades in ZANU are themselves untrustworthy, so I suspect new problems will arise.

o Mnangagwa is a bad boy with spying CIO links. Chances are he’ll be ruthless too.

For us Rhodesians it is good to see Mugabe going down. He’s been in our faces for 37 years. So its a small victory and that’s good. But its not a real victory in a sense that means anything to whites.

The key thing the blacks want is for the economy to improve because its STILL IMPLODING EVEN NOW. But I really am AGAINST whites going there to build up a black state while having no power. We whites MUST STRIVE FOR OUR OWN POLITICAL AND MILITARY POWER.

Mugabe was a BAD INFLUENCE across Africa being extremely communist and very anti-white. He was seen as invincible. So I think the main impact will be on Zuma and on Malema.

Otherwise, as Dr Peter Hammond said, nothing will change. I believe we whites MUST NOT CO-OPERATE with blacks in their politics at all, anywhere.

But it does close a bit of a chapter for Rhodesians. At least we got to see this communist fuck standing down. BUT he did NOT get the treatment he deserved which was to be stripped of everything he had and to be hanged or shot.

We whites must now focus on ourselves.

Here is a news story about his resignation. Jan]


Thunderous celebrations have erupted in the streets of Harare as people sing and chants following the news of Robert Mugabe’s exit.

Zimbabwe’s Members of Parliament celebrate after Robert Mugabe’s resignation on 21 November 2017 in Harare. Picture: AFP.

5 thoughts on “Zimbabwe: Robert Mugabe resigned – BUT he’s a billionaire & remember these points…

  • 24th December 2017 at 6:48 pm

    Remember the enemies are Jews. They are expert at holding together and splitting others. Most people unfortunately forget what the should do to the shadowy Jews, as of course they are much more aware of aggression against them. Keep publicising the Jews. There probably will come a time when they are exposed.

  • 22nd November 2017 at 1:12 pm

    Mugabe is the symptom, communist thinking is the disease .

    Nothing will change except by changing the thinking.

    Until then just ship in the body bags.

  • 22nd November 2017 at 7:41 am

    didn’t Mugabe get in back in the late 1970s by some very dubious tactics?
    wasn’t some character called Bishop Mula…sumthin’ or t’other supposed to be the PM but Mugabe and his marxists hijacked the election via intimidation and threats to black voters…. [?]
    my under-standing of it was that most of the Rhods. blacks wanted things to remain as they were but these i/national marxist ratbags and their fellow travellers in the media and the UK/US etc wanted to impose marxism…..
    dunno if that’s 100% true or not…just recall seeing it on some YouTube a while(s) back, eh?!?

  • 21st November 2017 at 10:25 pm

    Mal, that’s my attitude. The whites were impoverished, thrown out of Zimbabwe and white pensioners lost everything. I can’t even begin to say how bitter I am over the matter. Ditto in South Africa. We whites must say fuck these blacks. We do nothing for you or with you. Go get your money from the Jews and other communists. These same blacks VOTED FOR MUGABE and ZANU, etc. So they deserve everything that comes their way. I’ll still show you a few things.

    BTW Millions of blacks would have DIED but the USA and the Western world fed them back then.

    Blacks must get what they deserve from their actions. I tell you they’d destroy as a force within 10 years. Africa will be barren, ready to be recolonised by whites again.

    But we must not colonise – we must CONQUER and take over completely.

  • 21st November 2017 at 10:21 pm

    I hope things get a lot worse for the blacks and they have to beg the whites to come and save them, to which the reply will be get stuffed, wallow in your corruption and inability to run a country. Nothing will change, the new leader will fleece what little wealth the country has and China will step in and take over, they won’t get rid of them easily.


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