Your Diverse Doctor might harm you or kill you… You were saved by a Lawsuit…


[It seems a federal lawsuit finally caused a university to remove that person from their position. So now the university has actually been forced to change it's behaviour due to a fear of lawsuits. This is EXCELLENT. I have been thinking, from my own experiences, that we really need legal attack dogs in our movement. I'm serious. This could work. We would make a LOT of headway in our movement if we fought legal battles. The attorneys seem to be scared and useless. Jan]

A doctor named Princess made an allegation of racism, and now a professional accreditation organization has intervened.

WDSU News reports:

Some Tulane University medical school programs put on probation over diversity concerns

Graduate medical education programs at the Tulane University School of Medicine were placed on probation last week, in part based on concerns about diversity and inclusion, according to the school.

The accrediting agency that put the school on probation, Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, notified the school on July 2, according to a letter Tulane medical school Dean Dr. Lee Hamm sent to faculty and students the following day.

The change in accreditation comes after Dr. Princess Dennar raised allegations in a federal lawsuit late last year of racism, sexism and retaliation, and was then subsequently removed from her post as director of a residency program.

The school has said Dennar’s February removal as director of the Internal Medicine-Pediatrics residency program resulted from an automatically triggered review of her program. Dennar and her supporters alleged the move was retaliatory. The School of Medicine received backlash for the decision from alumni, students and more broadly, on social media.

Hamm’s letter about the probation status says administrators “are limited in the information we can share about the ACGME’s decision,” because of “issues of confidentiality.” But he shared the following: “The clear message from the ACGME is that we can and must do more to improve the oversight of our GME programs while also improving our learning and working environments, including enhancing equity, diversity, and inclusion for everyone in our community.”


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