Young White Brit says: I’m VERY ANGRY over what the Jews have done to White Britain! Should I kill them or what?


I got this message from a young white guy in the UK who has his mind set straight. We need this firm direct passion as we set about defending our race. This is what he wrote to me:-

Received on: 2018-02-24 :-

Hi Jan I would to ask what I should do to help whites in my country. I am a British 19 year old and I have become very angry about the jews and I am unsure where to begin undermining jewry in my shabbos nation. I have some ideas, I am student of media production and thought to dedicate myself to making pro-white propaganda though I feel that it won’t be enough. Perhaps starting organisations to help whites protect themselves and start families and have bigger families.

I have to say that I am worried that this hatred I feel for these parasites will consume me and I will kill them too early but I believe that would a waste.


I replied as follows:-

I’m very glad to come across a young white British man who is ANGRY! I have a British friend in South Africa who was in the Royal Navy in the 1960s. He returned to Britain a few years ago. But he was so disgusted when a black muslim cut the head off that young white British soldier. He told me that he was UTTERLY DISGUSTED with the whites of Britain when that did NOT OUTRAGE THEM! He returned to South Africa, as difficult as it was, because he felt there was NO HOPE FOR THE WHITES OF BRITAIN!

So I’m happy to come across an ANGRY white man from Britain. There just can’t be enough ANGRY white British people. ANGER is a GOOD THING. Anger and hatred and a seething desire for REVENGE is what keeps me going! The anger is good. You need to feel anger and hatred. It is what a man must feel for his people. If you can’t get ANGRY as a man then it means you just don’t care. So don’t view anger, hatred and a desire for revenge as meaning that you’re sick. It means you are in fact healthy and you do care.

In our ancient past, white men, like the fine Romans, went and exacted revenge on those who had betrayed them and angered them.

We must defend and avenge our people. The fact that the global white population has fallen so massively in a mere century is proof that we are NOT doing the right things that we need to do in order to save ourselves.

So ANGER and HATE is well over-due for whites everywhere. We men must set to with a firm determination to fight our way forward for our people.

Nothing would please the rest of us whites as much as seeing you British standing up to the Jewish scum who have used your well-meaning people for so many centuries. Its time ALL of us whites everywhere stood together.

You ask about what to do:-
1. Pro-White propaganda – based on the TRUTH – with good data and good analysis – this is invaluable. Don’t do shoddy work. If you do decent research and you put out honest information that can withstand scrutiny and the test of time – that is INVALUABLE. INVALUABLE! I cannot emphasise enough my belief in good, solid work and data. This will be invaluable. If you can dig into things that others have NOT dug into that would be very valuable. Look at The Greatest Story Never Told. That comes from Dennis Wise, a very fine Englishman.

I think there is much more hidden that you British need to look into. Like the Jews perhaps destroying your last King because he liked Hitler and the NAZIs. I think there is a lot that needs to be looked into that has been overlooked.

2. Running around and using anger to attack and kill Jews is really a pointless exercise in the bigger scheme of things. We whites MUST present a credible threat to the Jews at a point in the future. But to take these things upon yourself won’t help our cause. Of what use will you be if you are in jail? Everything has its time and place and that includes violence. But that’s not for now. Instead focus on educating and guiding your own people. Red-pilling other whites and waking them up is critical. Once whites UNDERSTAND THE JEWISH PROBLEM PROPERLY they will as a group take it to the next level. So assist in that process.

3. I really like your idea of wanting to get whites to have families and bigger families. Its something I’ve pondered too. I wish we had ways to financially assist whites who want to have more children. We must do all we can to assist whites who have families and the more white children the better. I think having bigger families alone could be critical. It is something I’ve not heard whites talking about but I think this is hugely important.

I like your ideas.

But I will warn you that ideas by themselves are nothing. In the end it requires a LOT of hard work to make an impression and to get things going. But its well worth it. I’ve learned enough from my years of activism to believe deeply in its importance. So its a bit of a lonely path but set to it with energy and also interact with other like-minded whites.

I’m a HUGE believer that the time has come for us whites to have a GLOBAL RACIAL POLITICAL/MILITARY/ECONOMIC union. We must work like fiends so that we stand side by side as brothers and sisters. NOTHING must be allowed to come between us. We must work like maniacs for the greatness of our race. I believe this is the greatest cause we can possibly live for, and if in the process we must sacrifice ourselves then that too must be done.

Its long overdue for us whites to stand together and fight together like never before in our history. Its time to TEAR DOWN all the forces that have worked so long to destroy and kill us all.

Keep in touch! Also join and meet like-minded whites! We have a BIG FIGHT ahead and WE MUST FIGHT TO WIN!!




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