WW2: War Crimes Trials of the Japanese – My Comments – Executing German leaders because Jews hated them

[A short summary from a reader who was looking at the War Crimes trials of the Japanese. War Crimes is Jewish Communist nonsense. The idea of applying legal concepts like this to war was, in my view, done in order to focus on the enemies of the Jews. Prior to the hideous WW2 there NEVER WAS SUCH A CONCEPT. It was a bogus concept to hide the fact that they really wanted fake excuses in order to execute German leaders, etc. The concept of war crimes is totally bogus and should never be entertained. Jews were running around seeing to it that Germans were hanged. Many really good Germans were hanged for nothing. They also had war crimes trials for the Japanese, but as always, when the science is critical, they hide that and rather recruit them to work for the USA. Such a double standard. Jan]

Content I found notable:

Shiro Ishii received immunity in exchange for data gathered from his experiments on live prisoners”


The defendants were represented by over a hundred attorneys, seventy-five percent Japanese and twenty-five percent American, plus a support staff. The defense opened its case on January 27, 1947, and finished its presentation 225 days later.

The defense argued that the trial could never be "free from substantial doubt as to its "legality, fairness and impartiality".[9]”. ( Germans never received this treatment)

“ Justice Henri Bernard (France) pointed out the tribunal’s flawed course of action, including the absence of Hirohito and the lack of sufficient deliberation by the judges. He concluded that Japan’s declaration of war "had a principal author who escaped all prosecution and of whom in any case the present Defendants could only be considered as accomplices".[11] and that "A verdict reached by a Tribunal after a defective procedure cannot be a valid one …"”

“ The Khabarovsk War Crime Trials, held by the Soviets, tried and found guilty some members of Japan’s bacteriological and chemical warfare unit (Unit 731). However, those who surrendered to the Americans were never brought to trial. As Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers, MacArthur gave immunity to Shiro Ishii and all members of the bacteriological research units in exchange for germ warfare data based on human experimentation. On May 6, 1947, he wrote to Washington that "additional data, possibly some statements from Ishii probably can be obtained by informing Japanese involved that information will be retained in intelligence channels and will not be employed as "War Crimes" evidence."[13] The deal was concluded in 1948.[14]

Justice Radhabinod Pal argued that the exclusion of Western colonialism and the use of the atom bomb by the United States from the list of crimes and the lack of judges from the vanquished nations on the bench signified the "failure of the Tribunal to provide anything other than the opportunity for the victors to retaliate." [19] In this he was not alone among Indian jurists, with one prominent Calcutta barrister writing that the Tribunal was little more than "a sword in a [judge's] wig".

Justice B. V. A. Röling stated, "[o]f course, in Japan we were all aware of the bombings and the burnings of Tokyo and Yokohama and other big cities. It was horrible that we went there for the purpose of vindicating the laws of war, and yet saw every day how the Allies had violated them dreadfully".

You can read more on your own.

International Military Tribunal for the Far East

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