WW2 The Jewish Allies – Learn to spit on the term “The Allies”


The more I study WW2, the more incensed and outraged I am at the term "The Allies". You will hear this term right up to the present time even in things like the dumb "war on terror" and the war against Saddam Hussein, etc.

I’m no supporter of Hussein. He was actually a communist who ran Iraq. But he was a valid leader of his own people for whatever that is worth.

And you will notice that any pariah nation that irritates the Jews suddenly finds there is this mysterious "alliance" of nations who are ready to fight them. And in all cases it is actually, mostly, dumb Whites, whose leaders lick the feet of Jews, who are rushing off, in reality, to KILL FOR THE INTERESTS OF JEWS.

That is the reality. And WW2 I’m afraid, is even more disgusting. You have Whites killing Germany, Italians and other Europeans, who are merely trying to organise their own nations and territory, which belongs to them. And the next thing they know they’re inundated by crazed Whites sent their by White nations who lick the feet of Jews and who will team up with Jewish Bolshevik Communists in Russia – who themselves are slaughterers and mass murderers.

WW2 is truly a diabolical event which shows our race, really at its worst … where White men are falling over each other’s feet in order to kill for the Jews.

White men need to get the hell out of this line of thinking and begin thinking about their families, their children, their offspring and the generations of the future. We have real interests that go beyond that of the shopping mall mentality of the Jews.

I am afraid, whenever I now read WW2 history and I read of Australians, Canadians, British, South Africans, Rhodesians, Americans and they’re all "bravely" fighting those "evil Europeans" it makes me want to puke actually.

It’s a very disgusting thing. The greatest minds, the men of greatest courage and integrity had to die for the shopping mall mentality, for the future anti-White consumerist mentality of the West.

The Allies were fools who were slitting the throats of their own yet unborn children and grand children to be frank with you.

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