WW2: Hitler’s Last Days – Many, many Witnesses – My Latest Studies – Also Hitler in Argentina

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In recent months I’ve been going through the full memoirs of 2 important German Generals from WW2. The other day I started going through yet another memoir of a very high ranking German General. All 3 of them dealt with Hitler a lot face to face on a personal level throughout WW2.

One thing that has come home to me in my reading is that all this utter garbage that Hitler left Germany and fled to Argentina is TOTAL NONSENSE. I’ve been saying for years that this is total bunk for many reasons. This is just some Jewish crap.

But as I was reading of the Generals who were fighting in the last days of NAZI Germany, especially when it comes to the last 5 months of the war, it becomes clear that there is no ways in hell that Hitler ever even considered fleeing Germany. Never. There is ZERO DOUBT that Hitler died in the bunker in Berlin. The reason I say this is because even in the last few days of Hitler’s life, the bunker was in direct radio (voice) contact with military people around Germany. In the last day or so of Hitler’s life, one of the Generals, Keitel, lost his voice contact with the bunker because his radio signal went via a balloon, which was shot down by the enemy. But even so, right to the end, it was possible to communicate with the bunker via telegraph.

Every day, messages were going to the bunker and Hitler, and Hitler was sending messages out. Also, there were military and government people going to the bunker and meeting Hitler face to face.

There was activity every day, and it was quite intense. There is no way in hell that Hitler could have left the bunker without LOTS of people writing about it afterwards.

In one of the junk stories that claims that Hitler went to Argentina, it claims that the female pilot Hanna Reitsch flew him out from the bunker. I came across the mention of a Luftwaffe commander who flew to the bunker with Hanna Reitsch in the final days. He met with Hitler and he and Hanna Reitsch then left and flew away and Hitler was still back in the bunker.

There are so many eye witnesses of the last days of Hitler in the bunker, that there is no mystery whatsoever as to where and when Hitler died.

Hitler died in Berlin in the bunker. It’s that simple.

There was nothing in Hitler’s psychological makeup that he would have left or fled. Zilch.

Hitler was true to Germany to the last. He had no intention of fleeing or running. He was determined to stay to the end and to die in Germany.

There is no mystery. That’s it.

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