WW2: Germany’s best General Von Manstein – Jail time for what he did to Jews – Jewish Bolshevism must be destroyed


[Someone on the social media said some nasty things about Von Manstein and Von Paulus. I know that Von Manstein was a half Jew. I think he was an orphan, raised by a Prussian family. So he had no contact with his biological father, nor with Judaism. He was raised as a “Christian Prussian”. I felt some of the comments about him were unfair. I wrote this. Jan]

I must differ with you on von Manstein. He was half Jewish. His biological father, whom he never met, was Jewish. But he was brought up a Christian. He was asked many times to be part of the group who would assassinate Hitler and he refused every time. He was even up for war crimes at the end of WW2 and spent time in jail for the way he treated and killed Jewish partisans in the Crimea. Among the things found were his instructions to his troops to destroy “Jewish Bolshevism” for good. Von Manstein is the great general of WW2. All the German officers said it, and even the allied officers said it. Von Manstein was the guy who came up with the plan that smashed France in 40 days. I did a video about that. Hitler, Guderian and Von Manstein were the ONLY men involved in planning the invasion of France. Only they believed in the plan. Hitler liked the plan and overrode everyone else. Von Manstein’s feats in Crimea were amazing and Hitler openly spoke about it. The differences between Von Manstein and Hitler relate to later strategy in the war. Hitler fired him. Yet, Von Manstein went back to Hitler many times loyally. I read why Hitler fired him. He fired him because Von Manstein had other big plans on how to win the war in the east. Von Manstein was better than Rommel. In his memoirs he spoke about his ideas on how to smash the Allied invasion in France. His memoirs “Lost Victories” is well worth reading. Guderian, the father of Panzer warfare in Germany, also stated clearly many times that Von Manstein was their best guy. I agree with you about Paulus’s surrender though. That was not good. And he was already conniving with the enemy. For the record, Von Manstein came up with a plan to save the troops at Stalingrad. He told Hitler the plan and Hitler authorised it. The plan was for Von Manstein to fight through half way to Stalingrad and for the 6th Army to break out towards Von Manstein. Von Manstein did fight his way towards Stalingrad, but Von Paulus did NOT break out towards Von Manstein despite being ordered to do so by Hitler. Paulus had enough troops. (Planes were flying in and out of Stalingrad from Germany all the time – they knew the situation). When eventually Von Manstein’s troops could fight no further and Von Paulus had made no move for breakout, they had to abandon the operation. Look it up. For the record, only 200,000 German troops surrendered in Stalingrad. It is not the 600,000 the Jews and Soviets like to claim. I urge you to study Von Manstein. He was 100% loyal to Hitler right to the end, long after Hitler no longer trusted other. I think his last attempt to see Hitler was early in 1945. He never betrayed Hitler. And he was the best of the German officers. All military men, inside and outside Germany agree on this. I have a book on him written by a top British General. And make no mistake, Von Manstein was having Jews killed.

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