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Video & Audio: WW3: Putin‘s next step: Setting Africa on fire: Sudan - Russia & China‘s only...
In February 2023 I made a prediction that Putin will need to start conflicts on other continents, especially Africa.

Friends and Supporters: I received an email from Matt today. I am sharing a paragraph with you.

Well, 18 years ago today I told a guy who came to ME seeking violence against somebody that I was going to fight within the law but that he could do what he wants. That was not a crime then and it is not a crime now. Then, twelve days later the guy came to my house seeking "help" with his own plans and I squarely turned him down. And yet I’m the guy who has been in prison for 18 years!!! 🙁 Only in a sick, degenerated society could such a thing be possible but that is what the "United States of America" have become.

This is a sad memory for me!

Reminder! This is the best and fastest way to contact President Trump!! Ask President Trump to commute Matt’s sentence, Petition # C273312. We need Matt to come home and now is the right time to contact the president. I am asking you to send a message once a day for the next month. Be sure to add the petition # C273312 to your message. Matt has suffered for over 18 years for a crime he did not commit. Ms. H

Click on the link below


GO TO: https://www.freematthale.org

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S.Africa: Black Efficiency: Post Office delivers package 13 years late
A White Family in S.Africa had this crazy experience! The Post Office is worthless. It was bankrupt recently ... AGAIN!

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