Will the Corona Virus kill 1.7 billion people in 2020? – I hope so … but I doubt it…

One of my younger supporters has done a lot of digging into this new stupid Chinese virus. He sent me lots of stuff, but I just don’t have time to study it all. He says that this virus could easily spread and kill 1.7 billion people in 2020.

I told him that I’m really bored with the End of the World not happening, and I would welcome it if 1.7 billion people died … the vast number of them would be non-white, hopefully, Chinese … and I think that would be awesome. And probably a lot of blacks would die too.

I’m sure white casualties would be minimal.

I did publish the article by the nurse who says that you can cure this simply with Vitamin C alone. I did not bother to tell that to my supporter.

Anyhow… he’s pretty freaked out. I hope a billion people would die … it would help make things easier for the rest.

HOWEVER I STRONGLY SUSPECT THAT THE WESTERN WORLD, read: WHITE RACE, will prevent any such major thing actually occurring. Yet again, we would save the lives of hundreds of millions of thankless people.

If this is truly a very deep threat, I’m certain, that white geniuses, who work for military laboratories will play a key role in saving the worthless yet again.

I’m so bored with the efficiency and reliability of white people to save everyone, EXCEPT THEMSELVES! Truly, we need to do that.

We owe nobody anything.

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