Why is Sharkhunters’ Harry Cooper pushing the: Hitler fled to Argentina narrative?

[The owner of Sharkhunters is a guy called Harry Cooper. I see that he is the one who wrote a book claiming that Hitler fled to Argentina. It seems to me that Sharkhunters is really a BUSINESS and that's how it's run. It might even be getting stories off German veterans and making money out of it while also doing bold (nonsense) marketing claiming that Hitler fled to Argentina. I find that most irritating and nonsensical. Anyone who has read the slightest thing about Hitler knows he would NEVER have abandoned Germany. Jan]

Here are some paragraphs even from the disgusting Jewish scum the SPLC which I actually agree with:

The theory that Hitler did not commit suicide and instead escaped — a claim for which there is zero evidence — is controversial even among white supremacists. Neo-Nazi John de Nugent, in particular, took issue with Cooper’s claim, writing in the Holocaust denial journal The Barnes Review that Hitler wanted to die with his troops and have his body burned so it could not be desecrated by the Allies. De Nugent states that Hitler praised the act of “free-death” and believed it more honorable to kill himself than live out the rest of his life after losing the war.

Some commenters on Stormfront, a leading white supremacist Web forum run by a former Alabama Klan leader, have also expressed skepticism over Cooper’s claims and credentials. Commenter “Phoenix88,” for instance, slammed Cooper and his book. “Why is this ‘historian’ or ‘author’ not highly regarded or cited anywhere?” he asked. “Oh wait, he is not even a historian or author, all he is is President of Sharkhunters International. … [C]onspiracy theories are not something I go about believing in, Hitler did not go to Argentina in 1945, only a nut job would think this.”

In a thread on the Axis History Forum, which describes its as an “apolitical” group, commenters took on both Cooper’s conspiracy theories and the Sharkhunters generally, alleging that the group is little more than a scam to make money off of aging German veterans and gullible American tourists. States commenter “SemperFi62”: “He came across as friend [to the German U-boat veterans] and they gave him their stories and signed photographs for free and he sold them for profit through Sharkhunters. His web site featured cheap mugs, mouse pads and video tapes of his tours as well as other cheap junk and bogus conspiracy theory books about Hitler escaping to Argentina etc. – All for profit.”

Source: https://www.splcenter.org/fighting-hate/extremist-files/individual/harry-cooper

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