Why is marriage really collapsing among Whites? Love and Marriage – Monogamy & Polygamy – Some Quick thoughts


The more I observe life and the way in which things are falling apart, I don’t see any of this as a sign of our death and the end of us. But I see many trends here.

We, as a race, also need to also decide what we want and what is necessary.

The most critical thing is that we need BABIES. Babies and Children are a HUGE WEAKNESS among our people, and it is something I will return to, and I will explain why. This is CRITICAL to our survival. CRITICAL.

The issue between men and women is really what arrangement is best for our race?

We are a people who like rules, and we will abide by common rules. We are very socialistic and fairness orientated. We insist on certain behaviour.

So the real issue is the matter of arrangement we agree on. We are also ANIMALS – mammals, to be precise. And mammals have certain firm behaviours. Rats and Lions and other mammals have similar behaviour to us. For example, males become bored with a female and seek more sexual experience. Also, our conceptions of marriage is bound up in the concept of LOVE. This is more of a female aspect.

When I was younger I believed that love and marriage was like two magnets that are attracted directly to each other. But in reality it does not work that way. In reality, there is a CLASH.

There are "games" that go on between men and women. It gets very complex. Marriage can easily break down.

It could be that marriage worked in the past DUE TO HARDSHIP. That under HARDSHIP, that White men and women are FORCED TO STICK TOGETHER.

But in a softer world with more choices, this system just breaks down. Interestingly monogamy is really a Germanic Tribal thing, though the Romans and others also had this same institution. I believe the Germanic tribes were the main originators of this form of arrangement.

As my Bulgarian Nazi friend has pointed out, the Aryans, who were even more ancient actually were polygamous. Polygamy is also a valid arrangement that works. The problem there though is that one man may have many wives. So what happens to the other men? We do not know the ratio of men to women back then. If men lived shorter, nastier lives, then it is possible that it was a good arrangement and that there were actually more women than men. Under such conditions, polgamy makes a lot of sense.

In the modern world we have polygny, which is where men of higher rank are married AND have women on the side. This is a form of polygamy.

Monogamy seems to me to be the result of Germanic socialistic thinking. The Germans learned and practised for long forms of socialism. The Germanic tribes probably experimented more with socialism in life than any other group of Whites who ever lived (I think). I know Caesar wrote about some of their rules, and it is fascinating.

The Germanics forced a certain fairness on everyone. Everyone WAS EQUAL, and thus, there were the same rules for everyone. They went to tremendous lengths to do these things, and learned a heck of a lot about human nature which has not changed.

I suspect that monogamy triumphed as a form of socialism and fairness which resulted in the best outcome. That a man and his wife firstly share the work and they have certain responsibilities.

Marriage is not so much about love, though women deeply believe in, and are attracted to this as their natural desire. A lot of "love" is nothing more than being loyal through thick and thin.

My own mother said to me that the ardour and passion dies down and you settle down into a type of friendship.

But this experience may vary for different people.

Life is very complex, and I have also observed women who are cleverer than their husbands who manipulate them and do so for their own safety and protection and are very successful at it.

Life is not simple.

Personally, I think that what is needed, first and foremost are children and any arrangement that results in lots of children being produced is the best. We need children – badly.
Everything else is secondary. e.g. happiness, etc This is not what it’s really about. It’s about much bigger things that we need.

We are a people who can rise to any occasion and we are disciplined and if everyone is treated EQUALLY and FAIRLY then we will adapt to anything.

Jewish Liberalism and a lot of other nasty, stupid and downright malicious ideas are a load of Jewish crap that has caused a lot of damage to our race, especially to marriage and children. All this needs to be undone.

If children are the highest priority, then the next question is: What will result in the most children? Note I specifically talk about QUANTITY and not quality. This is another issue by itself, but NATURE is ON OUR SIDE IN THIS REGARD, so trust me, QUANTITY is more important.

In the end, in order to have the most children, it may be that the White women need to be broody and keen to get on making their nests, like little birds and preparing for all their offspring.
So it may be that in the end, that we need to do whatever i needed in order to make the women HAPPY and excited in order to devote themselves to this CRITICAL TASK.
If the women aren’t in that mood then we’ll never get anywhere.

I must tell you, that I’m totally convinced that if we don’t get all the White women thinking like this, that indeed, we face death.

BUT NATURE IS POWERFUL and we can easily tap into it.

I like the attitude that the NAZIS under Hitler had. Any woman who is pregnant is cared for. Pregnancy is the most important thing in society. We seriously need NUMBERS.

Once we have the CHILDREN we will be insanely AWESOME and TOTALLY UNSTOPPABLE!!!!

Hitler knew this fact, and this fact needs to be brought to the fore LIKE NEVER BEFORE.

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