Whites: WORSE IS BETTER, Make the most of the CHAOS… WAKE OTHER WHITES UP!!!


This was my advice to a lady who wrote to me telling me about problems in her country and the ever growing insanity of their Government. I wrote this:

xxx, the main thing, the most critical thing is to RED PILL as many people as you can about any topic.

From that come much bigger things.

You must see all nasty and bad things as the OPPORTUNITIES that they are.

They are new talking points – seize on them – get facts and fire people up.

I think COVID has done wonders in waking people up.

The crazier they are in your country, the more things you can raise with your fellow xxxxx.

Worse is better … definitely … milk it for everything it’s worth.

Chaos is good. This Jewish Liberalism is imploding. It’s leading to ever more INSANE THINGS.

Milk everything for what it’s worth. I see more and more whites everywhere becoming restless.

This is fabulous. Hang in there.

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