Whites will tear the whole system down and will tear the rich and powerful down – The ALT Right’s finest contribution


When I look at what is happening in the world, and the behaviour of Whites across the Western world, especially as a result of this COVID nonsense, I must tell you that Whites are leading the charge, and Whites will tear this system down. There is an anger that is unstoppable. Nobody can contain it. Not all the governments of the West can stop this thing.

Decades of spitting in the faces of Whites, of humiliating them, of maltreating them, and finally treating the Whites of entire nations like dirt … has finally caused Whites who have always tried to work within the rules, to finally lose their calm.

Whites CANNOT TAKE IT ANY MORE. And now their very lives are under threat, their world is being torn apart, they are losing their jobs.

Whites have reached breaking point, but deep down, lie bigger things that come from decades of oppression, mocking and outright humiliation.

Whites have evolved tools, in the 26+ years that the Internet has existed and they are using these technological tools with greater proficiency.

The ALT RIGHT, which must be given credit, has paved the way by struggling forward in the face of impossible Jewish and Liberal censorship and beatings.

The ALT RIGHT which has been demonetized, censored, smashed down, etc … has had to struggle to survive in small niches. Yet, the ALT RIGHT laid the foundation for an alternate media that is tough and resourceful.

The COVID madness is climbing on to and making extensive use of the foundations that were pioneered by the ALT RIGHT.

This has allowed the COVID anger to come out and operate on a support base that has given them massive power.

The ALT RIGHT may finally have, after many many hard years, been blessed with an opportunity to really take on the evil Jewish Global Mass Media.

Now people across the world are benefiting from this, and the end result will be that for the first time ever the evil mass media of the super rich will find it has competition!

And I think the Mass Media and the Billionaires and even the Governments are all losing.

But what is coming is a wild rage … The Whites are coming and the Whites are going to tear down the entire fabric of Western society and they will trample it underfoot.

The Liberals and the Super Rich, who have arrogantly treated Whites like dirt, are going to meet with a fury the likes of which they’ve never seen, nor expected.

The common White people will TEAR THIS SYSTEM DOWN and reshape it in their own image.

We are living in WONDERFUL TIMES! We are living in a rerun of the 1920s and 1930s.

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