Whites will have to change from being Vote Fags to Gun Fags – The German way is the ONLY way forward – Heil Hitler

Alex Linder has mocked many people as Vote Fags. But as Americans should begin realising, even voting isn’t working any more in America … It is more like the Soviet Union or Zimbabwe or South Africa.

Alex is right. I want to add that all Whites will find, IN THE END, that there is no way forward except the GERMAN WAY.

Napoleon, I must tell you, was EXTREMELY PROUD of his militarisation of France. In his final days, on Elba, before he died, he proudly spoke of the tremendous engineering projects and many forms of militarisation that he engaged in in France. Hitler, being the wise man he was, knew that you must build an army and you must put serious work into it.

From my analysis of history I am a TOTAL BELIEVER in WHITE MILITARISATION and WHITE DEFENCE EVERYWHERE. EVERYWHERE. This is the only way forward for Whites.

Whites need to transform from Vote Fags to GUN FAGS … and then we’ll begin winning. I’m a total believer in White Militarism. That’s the only path. You’ll see, in the end we will have to repeat EVERYTHING the Germans did. Why? BECAUSE THE GERMAN WAY IS THE ONLY WAY. You will have to: HATE CAPITALISM, ORGANISE WITH SOCIALISM and Build an army and fight for what you want. Nothing else will work. Nothing. All other paths have been blocked. Everything else is just a Jewish scam.

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