Whites were building analog computers in Europe 2,200 years ago – before Jews & Christianity

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I had been aware for some years about the strange discovery in the wreck of a Greek ship from ancient times of a strange mechanism of gears known as the Antikythera mechanism.

To my amazement, I discovered in scientific literature that the Roman historians especially, spoke of these "computers" which had been built to calculate the movement of the sun, moon and the then 5 known "wandering stars" (planets).

These mechanical devices were effectively, the first calculators or more correctly analog computers.

There are described by many Roman historians and existed as long ago as 2,200 years ago …. long before "Jesus" and Christianity.

Our race was very advanced in Pagan times, and the argument can easily be made, and has been made by scientists that Christianity brought us 1,000 years of ignorance.

It is stunning to see the kind of work and intellectual thinking that was going on in Ancient Greece and Rome so long ago.

The Greeks were brilliant despite being a small society.

Why oh why did our race ever listen to Jews and their nonsense? We have set ourselves back so far. Our history is not about camels and donkeys in the Middle East. Our history is a fantastic history from Europe, of greatness and achievement and struggle and success.

I was just amazed to read that scientists had known for long about these analog computers from the time of the Romans. But this device, discovered in the Greek shipwreck is the only such device that has ever been discovered from that time. It has been studied in great detail by scientists.

I will post more about it. It’s fantastic stuff.

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