Whites: Don’t worry about Russian or Chinese military threats … worry about JEWS the Enemy Within


I do a LOT of reading on military and current affairs. I’ve been doing a LOT of studying, and reading, both historical and current on the state of the Western world. I want to tell you that our scientists, engineers, military and intelligence people are the best in the world. North America and Europe are not under any kind of military threat that they can’t handle. In fact, even the much-touted, stupid Jewish ideas about China are not big winners. China for all its "power" can’t invade and knock out 20 million free Chinese living in Taiwan. They can’t finish their own civil war which is on their doorstep.

In fact, the Western world has been growing powerful slowly and quietly following the tremendous disaster known as WW2. The disaster of WW2 was NOT in Hitler fighting back, but in others attacking the Germans who were no threat to our civilisation or race. In fact, if Hitler had succeeded in any of his projects, Europe and the Western world would have been totally dominant. We would have been greater than we ever could have imagined.

I doing a lot of reading whenever I can snatch a moment, and normally I’m the master of multi-tasking and doing 2 things at the same time. I often read by LISTENING. That way I can "read" while cooking, driving, etc. I’m busy reading a number of things including going through a detailed history of the NSA. (I have always had a fascination with military history, war and spying). But in the last several months I’ve been intensely catching up on the military situation worldwide.

Let me tell you this: we have no real threats that are a serious problem for our race.

Our greatest enemy is THE ENEMY WITHIN, the Jews who are undermining all of society.

We, as a people can handle all our external enemies with no problem. The real enemy that is a problem is THE ENEMY WITHIN! JEWS! That’s the enemy that is doing real damage to every aspect of our fibre and being.

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