White women as traitors: Bathhouse Nationalism, Chicken-shit Nationalists – MAN UP, TAKE THE FIGHT TO THE JEWS … OWN THE WOMEN!


[These comments come from Lorenz Kraus. I really enjoyed this. I totally agree. Men must take control of the women and the children. Then you'll see things will change. Woman want LEADERS, women want to be LED … properly. As for the children, they need to be taught and guided. Then you'll see, when you remove the Jew from the equation, all will be well. TREASON STARTS WITH JEWS! Jan]

Really, the position of women is irrelevant. They could be 100 percent "traitors" or not. It’s still the job of men to deny enemies the opportunity to access women and children to turn them into "traitors." This is where the whole problem begins in American bathhouse nationalism. It is an arrested development mentality that bitches about women, rather than a manly nationalism that craves responsibility to take the fight to the real enemy and win some ground. Once you win, the problems of women are resolved. If bitching about female "traitors" worked, it would have worked by now. It doesn’t work.

Bathhouse nationalism is a corrupt and cowardly desire to beat the dog when the owner is the problem. If you own this country, and the Jews and British ruling scum are crapping on your lawn, why are you allowing that to happen? And why would it be a woman’s job to fight off the ruling scum that is crapping on your lawn? Are you the man or not? If women are attracted to strong strutting men, regardless of race, how will a chickenshit attitude attract women? What women are doing is not relevant to what you are doing or not doing. What counts is what you are doing. Do you man or not man, that is the question!

(British) men gave black men the vote before white women. (British) White men + 1 Jew gave us the 1965 Immigration Act. (British) white men gave us WWI and WWII. Was it women who betrayed us or was it the British men in power who were supported by all the other British men who voted for them? The "passing of the great race" is an inner degeneracy in the British, where boundless quest for freedom, on one train, collides with a boundless fever for equality on another train, crushing everything in the middle. That the British fought 3 civil wars, and are hyped up for a 4th civil war, indicates a defect in the British racial soul, a bipolar mind swinging like a church bell between freedom versus world tyranny.

Official white nationalism, government-sponsored white nationalism, bathhouse nationalism, and Anglin nationalism want men navel gazing and/or blaming women, which produces cowards who blame women for their troubles, and fantasies about caging women, when women have no power, whatsoever, to stop YOU from fighting the Jews and their protectors now, or from stopping YOU from organizing or leading, right now.

Who would want us to become cowards or indulge in a woe-is-me bro-fest or indulge outrageous fantasies? Would a fellow nationalist of good faith rip the heart out of our heroism by whining about women? Never.

The best thing for real nationalists is not to take the bait of these chicken-shit nationalists. They will never bring us victory over ZOG. They are, admittedly, ruled by their "traitorous" women, the "enemy’s" women.

It’s embarrassing.

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