White South African Teacher tells of experience teaching Blacks about Science


[An Afrikaans reader commented about blacks and how they responded. I will state this: Blacks are actually quite naturally defensive when dealing with whites and that could explain their idiocy to when he raised the question in the first place. 

At the end of the day, I am very bored with these people. i don't see why we should even waste one second of our lives with them. We should be teaching our own people and increasing our own excellence while leaving them to die. 


div>Here's his fascinating story. The white man, I might as well add, is too good to them. Jan]

White South African wrote:
Jan, for many years I taught mainly African students at tertiary level. In one course we looked at scientific research programmes, and I posed this question: should “race” be accepted as criteria in scientific investigation? My students all answered with an emphatic “No!”. Then I gave them some reading of a case at an US university, where it was found that a specific new drug countering heart malfunctions applied with a much greater success to males of one race group, much lower for males of the other race groups, and even lower for women. The students were still unanimous in their condemnation. The research funders withdrew their support and a long battle ensued. But here is the rub: the select group for whom the new drug tests were so excellent, was African males. Having revealed this, I again asked the students whether race-based research should be allowed, or blocked at all costs?! Surprise surprise, they again, unanimously, changed their minds and agreed that such would be wonderful, and that they didn’t see a problem with that.

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