I’m busy doing a lot of rereading of Julius Caesar, because there are some videos I need to do. But its fascinating the RAW POWER we as a dynamic race had 2,000 years ago. We were a really determined people … whether Romans or "Barbarians". I smiled and chuckled at Caesar’s observations of the "Barbarians" and why he looked down on them. But the "Barbarians" were no idiots. Don’t buy that. Our people were dynamic and determined. Europe has always been dynamic.

Europe, has very important lessons for all of us. People are very wrong in looking down on Europe. I love European history and Europe has been busy with it’s very own evolution. Europe’s evolution has been into WHITE APARTHEID. Europe is about Whites segregation. And Europeans will tell you this is right and is the only way. This might be true. It’s a deep topic. Segregation = Italians, Germans, French, etc – And Europeans will tell you they must STAY APART. It’s WHITE SEGREGATION.

The real complex problem that the European race needs to sort out among itself, is the difference between Whites. Look at North America. North America was created by a CONQUEST that was driven by agreement to get Whites from Europe to resettle in North America.

North America is the greatest conquest of our race, possibly since the Aryans/Scythians. The existence of 200 million White Americans and about 30 million White Canadians and their amazing success is something which should be lauded.

The conquest of North America was a FANTASTIC ACHIEVEMENT. Whites do not appreciate anything about ourselves. Originally, when Whites were occupying North America, they estimated that it would take 1,000 years to conquer and occupy America. But it was actually done in 100 years. NOBODY TALKS ABOUT THESE THINGS OR NOTICES THESE THING. These are insane achievements. Why aren’t 200 Million White Americans the GREATEST PROUDEST WHITE RACISTS ON THE PLANET? They should be. You conquered the greatest piece of territory since the Aryans. And it was done by bringing Whites from Europe to a new continent. British, Irish, Italians, Germans, Swedes, Norwegians, etc, etc … went on the greatest spree of expansion ever seen. What is wrong with all of you? Are you blindly stupid to your own achievements? Are you nuts?

Why are you listening to Jews and their Jew crap? Why the hell are you even freaking Liberals?

So mixing Whites, as in North America, Australia and South Africa is proof that mixing Whites still results in huge things.

How do we reconcile the mixing of Whites (to get MASS and NUMBERS) with EXCELLENCE (e.g. Germans and Northern Europeans)? That’s really the only true problem we need to study is the quality versus quantity issue.

Do we breed small numbers of super-excellent Whites or do we mix and get a lower average … OR CAN WE DO BOTH?

The answers are not that difficult. We have been breeding animals for thousands of years more than anyone else. Yet, again, we do not see the excellence and answers that lies right in front of our faces. We have the science and mathematics and methods of organisation to solve these problems. These are not difficult problems to solve. This is no more difficult than the problems that farmers and animal breeders are dealing with every day.

We’ve pretending we don’t have the answers when in fact NOBODY HAS MORE ANSWERS THAN THE EUROPEAN RACE DOES.

Please for God’s sake, stop listening to Jews, Liberals and assorted crap.

There is NOTHING these people can teach us. NOTHING! NOTHING!

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