White Rebellion: Australia To Be SHUT DOWN by Truckers on Aug. 31 to “Throw off the Government”

[Whites everywhere are getting more and more sick of this crap. Jan]

You can watch the video at this link: https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/news-page/world/australia-new-zealand-to-be-shut-down-by-truckers-on-aug-31-to-throw-off-the-government

Citizens in Australia are now openly talking about OVERTHROWING THEIR GOVERNMENT and are openly coordinating a first-strike: A nationwide trucking shut down beginning August 31. NOTHING will be transported anywhere until the government comes back under citizen control.

Things are turning very ugly in Australia (and in New Zealand) as government public servants "order" the taxpayers who pay their salaries, to remain locked in homes, NOT TO TALK TO EACH OTHER, and a slew of other ridiculous "rules" under the guise of a Flu-like illness they call COVID-19.

Things have gotten so far out of control in Australia that the state government of New South Wales even gave police the following:

Basically, the government has become the epitome of tyranny – giving their police powers that the government DOES NOT ITSELF POSSESS.

You see, governments are formed by people, who give to those governments certain, limited, powers. A government cannot have a power that the citizens who created it, did not, themselves, possess to give to the government they created.

NO ONE has the right to simply forcibly enter any structure which they do not own.

NO ONE has the right to compel people to give information.

It goes on and on.

Yet this is what the lowly public servants of New South Wales, Australia, have actually done!

The people of Australia are fed up with this tyranny and they are now openly moving to forcibly remove the government. They intend to collapse the government by halting all trucking on the continent. NOTHING will move by truck, anywhere.

Since everything, except electricity and natural gas, MUST, at some point, move by truck, absolutely nothing will be moving in Australia beginning August 31.

No food. No fuel. No medicine. No chlorine to treat public water supplies. No supplies to hospitals. All of it will stop when the truckers strike on August 31.

In the video below, Australians are being told this is going to take place, and they are being openly warned to make sure they go out and buy enough food and supplies to get them through a few weeks.

The truckers know the actual power they have. Without trucks, a country implodes within a week. No country on earth can survive without trucks.

And the relatively few trucks in possession of government, even including those few in military, will utterly fail to meet the supply needs.

Planes and railroads don’t matter at all because it takes trucks to move things to and from both. No trucks, no movement of goods. Period.

As Australians start going hungry, with no food at supermarkets, no fuel in gas stations, no clean water from faucets, they will turn out by the millions to get rid of their government. The streets will be filled with people in uncontrolled rage; a population which has had enough and won’t back down.

This subject is now being discussed within Intelligence circles here in the USA and other nations, and the consensus is that if this takes place, the federal and state governments of Australia will not survive two weeks.

Even if the government seeks aid through NATO, there is zero chance of bringing in enough supplies or enough trucks and drivers, in time to avert complete collapse of the governments.

Here is the video announcing what’s coming:

If Youtube deletes it, I have a copy to replace what’s censored.



To heck with paying the bills, this is now about survival. So what if your credit score takes a hit. Big deal. In three or four months, it will be good as gold again.

They’ll throw you in jail? Big deal. You’re already in jail – in your own home — because of these government punks.

You’ll get thrown out of school or fail college for a semester? Big deal. With the trash education most of the schools provide, you’ll be doing yourself a real favor not attending their filthy indoctrination. Then, too, once they realize they’re killing their own customer base and that the school cannot survive without "x" number of paying students, they’ll shut up real quick!

The goal of these Australian groups is simple. One organizer with whom we spoke said: "No more masks, no more lockdowns, no more forced vaccinations no vaccine passports or restrictions on normal people, or else the government will be imploded by its own people."

He went on to say "No talk. No negotiation. Government must comply or be imploded."

Australians have NINE (9) Days to prepare.

Source: https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/news-page/world/australia-new-zealand-to-be-shut-down-by-truckers-on-aug-31-to-throw-off-the-government

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