WHITE HERO Payton Gendron: The Great Replacement! – Wanted: Payton’s Manifesto in full


I’ve seen little pieces of Payton Gendron’s Manifesto, but I’m looking for the whole thing. It sounds as if it is almost 200 pages long. So why are we only seeing little snippets of it? Are they trying to hide it? Anyway, I’ve seen a lot of criticism of Payton Gendron’s actions, but I must tell you, that politically, he did more good for America in 6 minutes, than Conservatives and Republicans have done in 60 years. You can say what you like, but Payton’s POLITICS and his moves were fabulous. He’s beaten the Jews and the Liberals in 2 ways. He’s totally flattened them.

The first one is that he admitted he is using a Gun Free Zone. He did it so that nobody would shoot him! I am well aware that almost ALL the mass shootings in the USA in the last 10 or more years were in Gun Free Zones. They don’t tell you about this. But I think the GOA – Gun Owners of America have pointed this out but everyone overlooks this. So the fact that Payoton Gendron openly mentioned why he drove such a long distance to go popping the Blacks there, has freaked out the Liberals!

Well, it’s a checkmate on this score because now they Jews and Liberals are caught between a rock and a hard place! The more gun free zones they have … THE EASIER IT IS TO KILL MORE PEOPLE!!!

So it may cause them to rethink Gun Free Zones!!! Hehehehe.

But, Payton’s other huge win was The Great Replacement.

I can see that Liberals and (((Liberals))), being the lying scum they are, are now back tracking like crazy and pretending there never was such a thing as THE GREAT REPLACEMENT OF WHITES!

Now they’re doing their utmost to pretend that it was all a figment of his imagination. Of all the things in his manifesto it seems to me that The Great Replacement is burning the Liberals and Jews the most. And they are trying to undo this.

It seems to me the fact that a White bloke went and started popping Blacks as his counter measure to THE GREAT REPLACEMENT is certainly causing the weak, pathetic treasonous Liberal scum to think twice. It seems to me they’re a bit worried that there will be more Payton’s popping people over THE GREAT REPLACEMENT!!! Hehehehehe.

You can say what you like about Payton, but he scores 100% on his political exams. He made all these anti-White bags of shit think twice.

Payton, you WHITE HERO, you did more for American politics in 6 minutes with your AR15 than all the Conservatives did in 60 years!!!

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