White-Hating Britain: Unfunny Monty Python John Cleese & other Britards of Kosher Britainistan

Here are some interesting and excellent comments from some of my readers about John Cleese of Monty Python.

First comment:

Cleese obviously feels at home surrounded with Jews such as Cook, Enfield, Moore etc. I can imagine the clique as the crew of an English bomber smothering the German civilians, of whom the children would have been the majority, with Hell on Earth.

The ignorant and gullible English really think they won the war, they won nothing. Their idiot ancestry of WW2 created the situation that the every day English are drowning in. They are the product of hundreds of years of Jewish rule since they financed the Civil War from their headquarters in Holland, the average Brit never begins to wonder just how were the army of Cromwell was funded, they must think that army’s finance themselves. Now their young women can screw with black monstrosities and create the new race that Jews get all horny about just by thinking about it.

Second Comment:

He also thought Communism funny in one of Monty Pythons unfunny skits, while in others, he mocked ‘National-Boshialism’ and the NSDAP… this is the aggressive conceit of the stupid, hypocrite middlebrow English, to mock any of the great movements of Europa…Peter Cook was the same with his dwarf kosher sidekick…nasty and jealous spite…Harry Enfield is another of Cleeses ilk, Jurgen the German and Cleese did his stupid Faulty Towers Germanophobe skit…Cleeses Social Democracy is exactly bourgeois Communism…Jeremy Thorpe? Monty Python were rank unfunny snobs and so beloved of the massmedia in their day, and now.

The same bourgeois Britards never remember their glorious starving of the Boers children or the glorious return of the unwilling Cossacks to Stalin or the Moloch witchburnings of Dresdens and Hamburgs and that why the dolts suffer insult from the Jews alien import and indigenous pervert proxies and tyrannical conspiracies such the Kehillavirus scam.

Napoleon was also a Froggy bogeyman to the sheople of kosher Britainistan and Cleese conforms absolutely to the proud cuckold tradition, no different to those old Chelsea Pensioner fossils who think they won a war against Nazi tyranny instead of fought a war to re-install global rabbinical tyranny.Idiots.

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