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[I totally agree with this view. Its going to be a FIGHT to get the West back, but we the white males, CAN and MUST DO IT! I'm an accelerationist, like Billy Roper. And I think Alex Linder is the same. Tom Metzger is definitely of this mindset. We must stop taking the easy way out, and roll up our sleeves and take the Western world back by FORCE.

White men don't need to ask anyone's permission. It is our DUTY to do this. its time we rose to the occasion. I am convinced that worse is better. This slow death is a nuisance. We've wasted enough time.
I am certain that whites can do this. I said the other day to Billy and others that WHITE REVOLUTION is the only way forward … EVERYWHERE. Forget stupid voting. Jews just put in all kinds of weaklings, shabos goys and other scum. We must sweep these people aside.
14/88 and Heil Hitler! Jan]

Men are lazy and weak. They are always looking for an easy way out.

Much of the dissident right has, in the last couple years, succumbed to these vices. When they realized that Trump’s election meant nothing for Western Civilization–that things were just as bad as they had ever been–instead of redoubling their efforts to save their race from decline and eventual destruction, the alt-right simply redefined their objectives.

Gone was the dream that whites in Europe and America would reclaim their civilization: that we would wrest our governments and cultures from the clutches of Jewish control, that we would expel our racial rivals, restore our nations to health, and reestablish a measure of normalcy.

Instead, we were treated to a half-baked lesson in political strategy.

It all started with “optics.” Certain elements of the alt-right pointed out that our movement could not gain mass support without cleaning up our image. This was a fair criticism. Presenting a good image–being well dressed and avoiding provocation for its own sake–is essential if you want to prove that you are worthy of being taken seriously. Good grooming and manners show that a man has a measure of self-discipline.

What the partisans of “optics” forgot was that politics depends on sterner stuff. No one will support any political program just because its promoters look good. Men are followers but, if you propose to bring about momentous political change–to overturn the political order–you had better offer more than a clean haircut and well-pressed shirt.

Men expect bravery.

They expect sacrifice.

And they will not follow anyone who does not excel them in these traits. They are the two qualities that everyone, regardless of class, understands and respects.

More importantly, bravery and sacrifice are what our enemies fear. A man can be controlled only inasmuch as he has something he does not want to lose. A brave man is not easily deterred. Against such a man, censorship, doxing, even lawsuits and prison-terms become less effective as political weapons. If he is to be shut up, he must be slandered into obscurity or killed.

Of course, there are many other qualities that are desirable in a political group, such as intelligence, decency, and refinement. But these traits are not fundamental. All fields of endeavor prize them, not just politics.

Politics is special because it is dangerous. “War is the continuation of politics by other means,” as Clauswitz observed. Politics is the art of building well-ordered, cohesive groups who are able to work toward common objectives. It requires leadership by example. No matter how much people might agree with the Alt-Right’s positions, shared belief is never enough to compel the spineless common man to take action, even if he recognizes that it is in his own interest. He will only act when he thinks someone else will bear the risk.

Campus Insurgency

But the alt-right has still not learned these fundamentals of human action. It has continued to sink into irrelevance by elevating men on the basis of their ability to amuse, or to edify, or to irritate.

In the last two weeks, this misunderstanding of political basics has led yet another demoralizing fad in the dissident right. A “campus insurgency” has arisen against the conservative establishment. Stuffed suits like Charlie Kirk and Dan Crenshaw have had their speaking events derailed by relentless questioning about issues they would rather not talk about: immigration, homosexuality, Israel.

This “insurgency” is not a bad thing in itself. Every real American hates grifters like Charlie Kirk. He deserves to be ridiculed and humiliated. The problem is that much of the dissident right, including many prominent commentators, is hailing this as a great breakthrough. It isn’t. Treating it as such undermines all efforts at genuine political action, because it encourages people to think victories can be won without sacrifice.

As such, the “campus insurgency” is not even a step in the right direction. Our objective is nothing less than the overthrow of the Jewish world order and a restoration of European civilization. How much will it take to dissuade this “insurgency?” Better vetting at the door, hiring private security guards, publishing the personal information of rogue attendees? Conservatism Inc. and its overlords have beaten far stronger challenges. Until these men are psychologically prepared to endure whatever pain the establishment can inflict on them, their efforts will not bring about meaningful change.

So until these men prove their mettle against a real challenge, this is a sideshow. And worse, the hype surrounding this distraction is an insult to the men who have exhibited the selfless sacrifice that is the prerequisite of real political change.

A Real Hero

If this movement is going to hold up men as examples, it ought to hold up men like Ben Daley and the dozens of others who are serving prison time and facing real persecution because of the government’s campaign of selective enforcement and total refusal to defend the rights of its citizens.

At Daley’s sentencing Charlottesville a few months ago, the prosecutor asked that he be given the maximum prison sentence, because, according to the prosecutor, Daley was smirking throughout the government’s presentation.

Now there is a hero. When faced with over three years in prison, Daley preferred to mock the clownish criminal proceeding against him, because he was certain of his moral rectitude. Total defiance. That is what we need to show our enemies. We will never back down.

That one smirk is worth more than a thousand revealing questions directed at system-puppets like Charlie Kirk. No matter how much some plucky questioners might cause the elites and the system embarrassment, their actions require neither bravery nor sacrifice. Their deeds must not be held up as some sort of glorious breakthrough.

To pretend otherwise is profoundly demoralizing to those who know sacrifice.

Some will argue that “you should not waste your life,” by suffering for your beliefs because “no one will appreciate your sacrifice.” And they are right, most men who have suffered for countless causes throughout history have been forgotten. You could well be one of them. You might lose everything.

But you can be sure, that if you do not take the risk, you will not be remembered either. Your life will amount to nothing but bourgeois comforts and the flittering happiness they bring. Worse yet, whenever you look at your children, you will be reminded that their inheritance will be your neglected political responsibilities. They will pay double for your inaction. But unlike those luckless heroes who will have lost everything only to be forgotten, your oblivion will be deserved.

None of this is original or remarkable. These conclusions were obvious to all the great men of history, and to all the lesser men who lived up to their potential, no matter how small.

So ask yourself:

When your life is nearing its end, would you rather your grandchildren hear that, in the moment of our race’s crisis, your greatest contribution was making a system mouthpiece look bad with a clever question?

Or that you put it all on the line, fighting for your rights as a free man and those of your racial brothers…

That you were in the thick of the fray, facing down a vicious and determined enemy for your comrades, for your people, for your civilization?

Do the right thing.

Be a hero.

Source: https://russia-insider.com/en/politics/only-through-heroism-and-sacrifice-can-we-take-our-nations-back/ri27844?ct=t(Russia_Insider_Daily_Headlines11_21_2014)&mc_cid=52d73ef457&mc_eid=e21cf7900f

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