White Australia, run by Leftist White-hating Liberal scum traitors … How to help the Boers…


[I got this message from one of my supporters. I posted a separate article on how to help Boers here: http://africancrisis.info/index.php/2018/03/06/how-you-can-help-white-south-africans/ Jan]

Received on: 2018-03-03 :-

Hi Jan,

I first noticed your videos on the problems white farmers in South Africa are having from the Tara McCarthy video.

I have a few friends in south Africa and they have told me stories and It’s depressing to say the least.

I was in Melbourne, Australia recently and they have a bad situation there also. Not as bad as in south Africa but it is growing.. The state government is very left wing and is bringing in a lot of Sudanese “Refugees” who are given welfare, housing, money, healthcare and more and still rob and stab white people and tourists on a daily basis and when the people of Melbourne demand they get deported or put in prison, the leftist nutjobs say it is racist. This liberalism is a global disease where white people think they must destroy themselves.

As someone who does not live in South Africa but wants to help out the white farmers any way he can, what would you suggest someone like me can do to help?

Best wishes,


I replied to him regarding the White Leftist Liberal scum in Australia as follows:-

I have no tolerance of the Liberal filth. A white Liberal is the biggest race traitor of all. Its a point I’ll discuss on my videos.

I’m going to publish your letter about Australians and what’s happening there. Its simply dreadful. Whites everywhere need to dump this Liberal nonsense. Liberalism is not a mental illness. Liberalism is aimed at making treason fashionable and acceptable. I have extreme views regarding Liberals. Whites must see White Liberals for what they are: The Ultimate Race Traitors.


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