White Americans are too tolerant – The Jewish enemy within knows Whites too well

This is a topic I need to return to later. I will briefly mention this. I have seen this a lot, and I see it all the time. It is my view that a large part of our problem with Jews lies in the fact that we have forgiven these people far too many times and they are allowed back into our societies. This gives them a familiarity and knowledge about us that is extremely intimate. They use this knowledge to undermine us and prevent our defensive mechanisms from coming into play.

I see this everywhere with Whites and Jews.

We have a parasite that knows us far too well. This parasite then is even able to undermine our normal defensive methods and mechanisms.

This is why we are struggling so much now.

This parasite is able to predict and then prevent our defense mechanisms. This comes from far too great a familiarity and integration with us.

Forgiveness is almost killing us.

I thought I would just mention this briefly to get people thinking. But I can see this ever more clearly in all sorts of things I look at and even see first hand. This is killing us.

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