White American Christian agrees with me: THE WAR ON THE WHITE RACE…


[An American liked something I wrote about White Rebellion. We had this exchange. Jan]

He wrote:
Amen brother! This IS a war upon Whites. Why is it "people of color" and Afghan refugees, are given Ivermectin while they attempt to force their "vaccine" upon us?

Why is it only White nations are being overrun with foreigners to the point that it makes "Camp of the Saints" pale in comparison?

May the Lord raise an army to destroy the wicked!

I replied:-
We are in agreement brother! There’s only one answer: White Unity and we stand back to back.
In my own travels and my more extensive contacts with whites over the years, I’ve seen that we’re identical regardless of nation.
All of us THINK EXACTLY THE SAME. It’s not the same with the other races.

We are ruled by an "elite" or scum THAT HATE US.

We are singled out for destruction. We can only ever get the fairness that is due to us by working within the laws of NATURE.

Everyone else will try to cheat us, lie to us and take us down. NATURE and REALITY are the only friends we have.
We have lived, worked and succeeded by the laws of NATURE and REALITY for tens of thousands of years.

I am convinced that is the ONLY way forward … dump all the diversity, stand back to back… and trust to NATURE and REALITY.

That has always worked for us. Rather face real enemies… than have all these enemies WITHIN.

Our FAILURES since WW2 have all be CREATED by the ENEMIES WITHIN.

We are NATURAL at succeeding, but nowadays we are failing everywhere for the first time in our long and glorious history.

This is unnatural and it is the result of the ENEMIES WITHIN.

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